Night team review

Is my night team shit? I’m lvl 66 @ ch9

I’m not an expert, but I played GFL for a while and I’ll try to help!

The first thing I noticed, this echelon is lacking a SMG and since you’re using 3 ARs, you’re not using a buff Doll on position 4.

The most common ARSMG echelon position is the F one, following the keypad numbers as reference:
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

DPS Dolls on 7 and 1
Buffer on 4
Offensive Tank on 8 and Main Tank on 5
You always can make your own echelons and eventually you’ll need to do some strange or pretty uncommon formations, but with regular battles, this already known synergy is what we need

So following with this, you’re using 2 HGs, I assume that both of them are in the front (8 and 5 position)
HGs usually lack high evasion and don’t have armor, so they’re not the best tanks you can ask for
You are allowed to use HGs on the front, but a SMG on position 5 would increase your survivability A LOT
Since we’re talking about Night Chapter 9, the enemies hit hard here, you want survivability

Swapping one of the ARs with a position 4 HG to buff both of the others ARs can help a lot too
Sadly not all ARs are like M4A1 that can buff others ARs and serve the DPS purpose

That said, If this were my composition:
I would go with 2 ARs on 7 and 1, maps with a lot of scouts will make a good use of Grenadier like Zas
Damage buff HG on 4 to buff both ARs
SMG Main Tank, position 5
SMG or another HG on position 8

Equipment wise:
Back dolls don’t need Exo, but use your best PEQ and Magazine on ARs
Front Dolls be it SMG or not NEED Exo, Main Tank always use T-Exo, Offtank SMG is nice with X-Exo and HP rounds, if you’re going with HG on Offtank position, I’d compensate with a T-Exo too.

Fairy wise:
Illumination is nice and all because of her skill, but Fairies with DMG Buff Aura is a nice addition, if possible, use them.
Considering that you may not have them well developed, get more resources doing Logistic Support and invest on them.

I hope you have a reliable RFHG team too, you probably would make good use on Chapter 9 and an even more reliable MGSG team to kill Judge, I had a bad time with her.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Thank you so much for your help, its so hard to find anyone to give advice on this game so I really appreciate it.

really late, but

HGs can maintank fine, depending on the HG, but ONLY with a 5* T-exo, which on HGs requires level 80. HGs like Mk23 and Calico (M950A) are popular slot 5 choices despite not being the most durable. It’s recommended you switch them in-battle with someone more resilient on 8, like an SMG or a dodge-ier HG like Welrod.
Play around with 2AR/1HG backline or with 3AR backline, and use them where you need them. Groza (OTs-14) and MOD3 AS Val or 9A-91 should be able to do the job as two, but a grenade like Zas or SOP or extra firepower from another AR like AR-15 will be needed sometimes.
So something (high cost) like:
Groza | JS 9
57 | Mk23
T91 | RO or CMS or UMP45
Zas | P22
or Uzi MOD as offtank instead of bringing a grenadier AR, etc.

Illumination fairy’s skill is nice, but is usually for figuring out the layout of the map. Your ARs should have night equipment on that basically negates the accuracy penalty, so a more offensive fairy would be preferred.

As CaulSans said, Judge needs an MG/SG team, for that you want to do a really specific team with 2-3 MGs in the back and 2 SGs in the front. You need two SGs for Judge’s attacks and to retreat all but one of your backline MGs and move the remaining one to the front. People prefer Negev because she is a long fight specialist. Lewis from a previous event also works, though, if you somehow have her instead.