So difficult, I’d 22700 but I can’t found a good team to the raid


I had the same issue earlier, but we defeated it with bunch of 20kish team. In the end a proper team support on which everyone hits the same body part are better.

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Is it better to focus on the body parts or on the main body? The closest I’ve come to beating it was when most of the team focused only on the main body.

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I’ve cleared it most consistently breaking body parts. Mainly the arms is what the groups I’ve run with go for. The demolish status from the limbs breaking preventing from doing all that moving about was a life saver for my group. Especially if it prevents the charges. By the time the second arm goes down its right about time for him to die or time to run out.
Teams I ran with were average 20.5k might teams the highest being a 21.2k team.

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I just finally beat Nightmare, and every player now is running Ieyasu with 3 light characters. If you have Marishiten all the better. Put Dragon Prep wyrmprints on your AI and immediately shapeshift and do as much damage as possible, and then stack as many bleeds as you can. Skill haste co-abilities and wyrmprints will also help.

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