*Nihilego Poisoned itself*

Somebody tell me this ain’t true: https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/pokemon/793

It does look like the UB will have some kind of differentiation from regular legendaries so I’m interested to see how that will work out…maybe a different kind of raid mechanic?

Probably this moves are just placeholders, some of them can change. But even with acid, nihilego will be the best poison attacker in the game. Kudos, I guess

Probably this moves are just placeholders

This is plausible.

Not even the first time it happened, I even saw entire moves changed after they’re leaked.

With Acid + Sludge Bomb, Nihilego becomes the best non-mega attacker for not only Tapu Bulu, but also Tapu Koko. Against Tapu Fini it’s also among the top regular counters (along with Thundurus-T, Zekrom and Zarude). Poison type finally has the capability to compete with other types without relying on double weakness.
On the PvE side I’m very excited, and regarding PvP although Acid sucks, Nihilego still can beat all the ML fairy types, Yveltal and Sacred Fire Ho-Oh. Even if it has Poison Jab, the improvement is still minor, with a winrate under 50%.

Could be. Here’s hoping Shaymin’s change too since winning the Hidden Power lottery ain’t easy. Was hoping they’d have something good in both PvE and PvP (which there’s plenty of room for).

ahhhh more like Nihilestay amirite

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Magical Leaf?

Seems likely. Its been datamined so they could pull a fast-one and add it last minute.

I wonder if we’ll ever get the fused version of Nihilego (i.e. one with a host inside, like Lusamine). In the main series it can only be fought as a boss, so probably not likely, but you never know (Armored Mewtwo can’t be caught in the main series either, IIRC, but exists in GO).

Thing is, you don‘t exactly „fight“ it per se. Lusamine still has somewhat control over the situation and just sends out her Pokemon like normal, just with stat boosts. So very unlikely. Armored Mewtwo at least appeared in the anime and actually fought.

I could see it as a Rocket Boss type thing, a la Giovanni quests. Got some pretty cool lore there.