Nimbus Nirvana of a Nearl's Knight Nascent Night: It’s the 【Fractured Light】Roll Thread

New month, new banner, this time we will be welcomed to the land of the Knight, Kazimierz is expressing its radiance, a young radiant knight has come to prove that she is a worthy to be in the grandest stage of all time. without any further ado, let’s see what we have in this banner

First off is a new 4* defender

Second is the final member of ABC gang

And third is the Nearl supremacy sister

An epic theme song of Blemishine :fgo_ereshwoah:

Wish to all that’s gonna roll on this banner and get what you want from it, although I expect not too many cause Chapter 8 with its Forget Me Not limited banner is possibly right after this banner

Some Art

I couldn’t find a single Bubble artwork :feh_facepalm:

P/s: btw, Platinum is on rate up too, for anyone who doesn’t have her, this is a good banner to roll on


I’m READY to get Blemishine and break my pity counter


I like that song.

Ugh, yeah :ak_nervous: I’ll still be rolling even though I know I should save for Mudrock/Wisperain but I really want Blemishine so…:crazy_face:


Just lucksacc both banners :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


Just roll for everyone. That way you’ll always get someone.


Good luck guy. May you get the younger sister. :fgo_ereshlove:


Well, this worked for Surtr so why not try it again?

Will i get Nearl lily if i use all of my daily orundums for the next 2 weeks?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

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Are you lying?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


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Reporting in :catcry:
Guarantee pot 8 Specter at 4th yolo

First multi

Third multi

And sixth multi

Glad that I didn’t have to use $ this time around, but my stash is zero rn :fgo_insane:


I didn’t screenshot my first, had a single Aosta

Spooknights :roll_eyes:

The blessed roll.
Lappy, Schwartz, Aosta new. Specter, Platinum, Mayer, Hellagur not.


Third multi

Guarantee was on 10 - Aosta
Second ten was a purple bag

Platinum remains p5.
Tempted to throw another 10, but it seems there’s lots to save for


Said ■■■■ it and rolled again… next bag was purple - Bubble p6.
2nd bag had one five star on the 10th roll. – That’s 26 rolls of 3 and 4 stars in a row. Wow!
Worth it though:

Overall 50 rolls for the focus 6 star and 2 focus 5 stars. No spooks in 50 rolls! Unlucky but okay by me this time around.


…really. Game. Really. I don’t want more friggin skyfires she’s pot 6 almost entirely by spooks


Got an Ifrit dupe on my second 10-roll

The next 50 were uneventful, though I did get Aosta and 3 Bubbles on the same roll

Then did a few single rolls since I was already racking up the pity counter and got her!

I may have been preparing for her for the last 3 events or so.


Wanted blemishire but also didn’t want to use up to many rolls as I plan to go hard for Mudrock

Got a platinum after 2 single pulls and then got blemishire and another platinum (meaning my platinum is now pot 5) after a 10 pull.

Sometimes things work out


My second 10 roll.

Blessed (but still spooked) third.

Not pictured: Elysium coming home for a tenth time on the guaranteed. I suppose pot 6 on the W banner should have been a red flag.


102 pulls, 2 siege and no blem
Big sad :catroll: