Ninja boy is ready to rumba

My Kaze is finished! I’d love to have fury 4 for him, but this is what’s available rn <3 the weapon is Starfish+, with built-in desperation. Shove is for fun, until I get a better support skill.


Nice looking Kaze, although you could probably go for a different A skill if Fury 3 is essentially just a filler (I don’t think Fury 4 is that much of a difference compared to the previous version.

Have you tried using this build with Barb Shuriken, and something like Mirror Impact/Brazen Atk/Res? I run a similar set up on my NY!Corrin (but with Bonfire and Brazen Def) and his nuking potential is pretty great.

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Omg, thanks! I didn’t consider it, but it sounds reaaaally good. I’ll give it a try for sure <3

Yuh, another Kaze person! @Eflakis
Interesting build, Starfish Spiral. I likes. I agree with Krazy though, he could def use a better A.