Ninja Lyn A/D Far Trace or S/D Far Trace?

I got a couple of extra copies of Ascended Florina and I’m not sure which Trace skill to give to my +10 Ninja Lyn.

  • A/D Far Trace
  • S/D Far Trace

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Spd/Def imo. Atk/Def is good too, but Spd/Def feels more versatile against units who can and can’t counterattack whereas Atk/Def is good against Heavy Blade/surviving a hit. If N!Lyn ends up attacking a foe who can’t counterattack and killing within the first two hits (or quads and ends up killing them), then the Atk debuff is wasted. If she attacks someone who can counterattack, chances are they’re gonna one tap her anyways lol but she still wants to get their Def as low as possible to prevent that


IMO, A/D Trace ia bettwr used on units who want to clear checks - such as Valentia!Catria - or bruisers who want to be able to take a hit in retaliation, whereas S/D is better for initiators.

In Lynja’s case, she wants the SPD for better quadding ajd the DEF for her damage. She doesn’t want to be trading blows, so the A part of A/D Trace is much less useful.


I agree with the consensus here. Debuffing Spd helps ensure more quads and helps pierce Spd based DR (although she’s very good at doing that anyway)

The only time debuffing Atk is useful for Lynja is if she runs Heavy Blade, and that’s not a skill I ever see run on her.

I think most people agree S/D is better overall, yet arguably A/D can prove better in a not negligible number of matchups. This is because, unlike N!Corrin, N!Lyn doesn’t get true damage based on Spd, hence she gets value out of Spd stacking only to ensure more quads, which (if not equiping Desperation on B) is not gonna be possible without taking a hit on retaliation. I would also argue her base Spd+A+C+SS already do a good job to Spd stack enough to pierce Spd based DR skills, this is because if you already double naturally to quad in the first place, the foe’s Dodge effect is something you can forget about.

With this in mind, not to say I believe a Far Trace is her best B skill, but if you must choose a Far Trace for her, I would reconsider A/D for modes in which she can gain HP+stats from blessings such as AR and Arena, and I would choose S/D Far Trace for modes in which she absolutely cannot risk to lose the Speedy matchups, meaning SD/S/R and (less so) Arena.


In AR Lynja is almost always running Fury 4 + Disarm Trap and virtually every Lynja I see in Arena runs Windsweep

I don’t see her utilizing any Trace well in those modes

I would agree.

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