Nino-Pious Mage : What is your favorite build?

I keep her own tome. I use Aether for Arena Score. Her support skill is flexible.
I hesitate her passive skills and her seal. I think she may be good with some combo
*1) Close Counter. + Vantage.
*2) Flashing Blade + Desperation.
*3) Fury + Desperation.
*4) Windsweep.
*5) Watersweep.
In your opinion, which combo should I give her ?
What is your Nino-Pious Mage ?
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


@VegitoSSJ2 :feh_nino:
It really depends on what you want from her. CC Vantage & offensive Desperation are both great on her.


Luxury player phase variant: Atk/Spd Solo + Desperation.

Do you have G Duel Infantry? I run that with Watersweep (because I have more difficulty dealing with dragons usually if I don’t have an effective weapon) and Odd Atk Wave for support. That’s for Arena. If you want to see how I built her for AR defense, check out my last topic lol.

And of course for general use, I run Fury + Desperation.

Pretty basic tbh,I’d never try 1,4 or 5.


This is mine:

She’s really formidable with it.
Pair her with L!Azura (or a buff bot of your choice) + L!Eliwood and she’s set to go and crush her enemies on PP.
I still need to give her [Bonus Doubler 3] and other skills for more builds, bit right now she does great with this!.

As for your combos:

  1. I gave up my free [Close Counter] fodder to her, because I don’t have many users for it & I’ve got feedback to try it out. It’s actually neat, not much of help on abyssals because of stat inflation (you need to hit twice) but still a strong choice
  2. This one is great, all the more reason to recommend +SPD, you can choose to accelerate her specials & this can help on [Røkkr Sieges] !
  3. Not bad, I recommend it’s [Fury 4] & add [Brazen Atk/Spd 3], I prefer she takes a hit from a unit that deals enough damage so I can use either 2×[Brazen Atk/Spd] or something else on the A.
  4. Another reason to choose +SPD, did I say she doesn’t need to overkill? :feh_nino:.
    Giving either to her combos with 2×[Darting Blow], the A one preferably at LV4
  5. Same as {4}

The second & add 2×[Brazen Atk/Spd], if you have an S!Wolt to spare you can extract the LV4 one from him :fire: :inherit:.
The special can be [Astra] or [Glimmer]

Sending him a voice PM bc its super late and I’m super tired and I’m in no mood to type :slight_smile: