Nito and farming doors/hands

Hello, I picked Nito as my free SR and I wonder if her instant kill with her 1st skill on level 10 can kill golden doors /hands. Don’t need her np for anything else. Thank you for advice

It can and does kill golden doors/hands, but not consistently.

It will consistently kill bronze non-servants. It will USUALLY kill silver. But gold non-servants it only works some of the time.

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Thanks, but I just don’t get how instant kill works. Golden door’s death resist is 50 %, Nito with 100% oc and first skill has 150% death chance, but it seems like this mechanic is a joke

It is because the way death rates In this game work is weird. You MULTIPLY by death resist.

Here is the formula:

hitRate * deathRate * (1 - InstantDeathResistUp + InstantDeathResistDown)

hitRate: Chance of Insta-death of the NP
deathRate: It’s the Death Rate of the target
Resist up/Resist down: Buffs or debuffs for instakill (i.e. Hassan’s 3rd Skill, Shiki’s 1st Skill)

instant death rate for enemies.

General Monsters
Copper Frame - 80%
Silver Frame - 50%
Gold Frame - 20%

Hand (EXP) and Door (QP) in dailies
Copper Frame - 100%
Silver Frame - 80%
Gold Frame - 50%

Servant - 0.1%
Shadow Servant - 10%
xxx soldier - 100%
Pirate - 100%
Skeleton - 100%
Zombie - 100%
Pirate Zombie - 100%

Special Monster
White Chimera - 10%
Wyvern Origin - 10%
Demon - 1%
Dragon - 1%
Spriggan - 1%
Fire Book - 50%

So for gold doors:


So even with 150% death rate it isn’t a guarantee. You need 200% death rate to kill them.


That is a big OOF on my part. Anyway, thank you and have a good day


FYI, you can get 200% death rate by using the Devilish Bodhisattva CE and Edison to boost Nito’s OC to 500%.

You can also borrow Hassan or Void Shiki to decrease all the enemies’ death resist, which means you don’t have to bring Egyptian Magecraft to Lv. 10.

There’s more on Instant Death in this thread.


50% death resistance enemies is the highest you can guarantee insta death with using Nitocris, but requires 500% OC and lvl10 skill one. Devilish bottivah and Edison makes 500% easy, and together you can guarantee death on a beefy wave of silver that would normally take a lot more to kill. Example, gear farming in Shinjuku’s barrel tower, final wave is 100k+ silver enemies. Edison, AoE caster of choice for 35k wave, and Nitocris with DB is a guaranteed 3 turn comp for all your gear farming needs.


She’s just slow on doors and hands. I used to use her until I realized how slow she was when I started farming aggressively.
This is much faster.

Arash wave 1, Bunyan wave 2, Spartacus wave 3. Done. If have no Bunyan, some other AoE unit. Nito is an option, but she deals only neutral damage. Medusa will kill doors faster.

She’s excellent on high HP trash mobs :slight_smile:

The real power of nito came in farming event rather than farming hands.

Her battery allow you to put anything on her (for exemple, bonus drop), or a kscope for 2 np.

For exemple, my holy stake farming (curse you ereshkigal) is Helena (kscope), nito(kscope) and shanzang (black Grail)
This way I have an ape np all 3 turn + a strong st np for the 190k hp in the third wave

Fun fact, ape is a type of monkey in English, but in Italian is a :honeybee:.

Anyway I mean aoe


That is…exactly the team I am using for stake farming.

If Helena doesn’t hit her NP Damage + on W3 she doesn’t clear it (even at NP4) and I’m left with 1 bad Ghoul to kill on T4, but in general it is so reliable and easy, and setting up for it is a small part in why I chose Nitocris with my ticket.

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I actually use nito for w3. Mine is np4, so with only Helena third skill she kill mid and right 100% of the time, and the left one sometime she kill it, some time he survive with 3/4k hp. Any of the card will kill him (more so because I start the chain with sanzang buster np)

It’s consistent for me with devilish bodhisattva equipped. In addition, with her 2nd skill at level 8 and a Waver, you can back to back NP on her.

Mine is grailed and is at NP2 but, I think she should still be fine even with NP1.