Nitocris bone hell

Is a 8/8/4 nito good enough for a 2 turn farm build? I’m trying to avoid bone hell…

Pretty sure it should be.

.>avoiding bone hell



Lol indeed

I had a post about that let me just dig it up… here

  1. Enemies with 80% death rate can only be killed ‘always’ by Instant Death if Nito is at 200% Overcharge, with her skill level 10, or else she can only Instant death kill while depending on RNG at 100% overcharge.
  2. For enemies with 100% death rate her first skill at lvl 10 is enough to Instantly kill them, at 100% overcharge.
  3. Dailies have following death rates - (Assuming that Nito’s first skill is at 10)
  • Gold Hands/Doors have 50% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 500% overcharge)
  • Silver Hands/Doors have 80% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 200% overcharge)
  • Bronze Hands/Doors have 100% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 100% overcharge)

Also point to note that every bronze mob in game has a death rate ranging from 80% - 100%, so Nito may fail to IK them at 100% overcharge at times.

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That 60 bone requirement for lvl 9 isn’t fun. If you are okay with “usually works but still has a small chance it fails”, leave it at 8. If you really want to remove rng from the farming, it’s better to go all the way.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind using the SQ, aim to raise her NP level when she’s on rate-up and normal-Fou her to the point where she always kills doors and hands with the buffs you would normally bring with her for farming, like a Waver 3 or Casgil’s 2+3.

I use Nito quite a bit for daily QP just because she has such an incredible NP battery, even though the IK isn’t necessary for those quests at high NP levels.

That works too, though at np2 I find she still needs Tamamono’s blue buff to kill the 23k door with just np when IK fails. What np level do you have her at for sure kills?

I have Nito at NP2, with a Dive to Blue at around level 30, alongside Waver for my QP farming team. I have her kill both the first two waves, and it’s extremely rare for a gold door to survive with a couple hundred HP. In fact, I don’t think it’s happened since I got Waver’s third skill to level 9.

However, door farming is pretty trivial, most AoE servants can do it, and what makes Nito so great is her IK chance. With her first skill at ten, I’m able to 3-turn the best gear farming node (Shunjuku: Barrel Tower) because she can one-shot the final wave. Those MOBs have 80-100k HP, so IK makes it so much easier. She’d still have a chance to fail at 8/8/-.

TL;DR: it’s worth the effort to get Nito to 10/8/-.

I have her at NP5, but The_Cheeseman makes a good point about that automata node and the usefulness of IK on the final wave. It’s an efficient clearing option for gear farming and even more valuable if you can’t guarantee a 3-turn setup otherwise.

Oh I’ve been making full use of guaranteed IK at barrel tower for a while now. It’s the only reason I have any gear at all and certain skills and ascensions leveled. Np5 would be a nice luxury though…and those bond grails since she’s close to bond 9…

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welcome to the bone zone

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It’s only worth going to Lv 10 if you need her to farm silver enemies in free quests and can get her to 500% OC.

The gear node in Shinjuku is like this. Has a high HP assassin (174k or something) in the final wave, but it’s silver.

So Arash clears W1 (MLB IE)
Edison clears W2 (MLB IE + Mass Production + Mage’s/NP charger)
Nitocris’s Lv 10 Egyptian Magecraft and Edison’s 3rd skill + Demonic Bodhisattva bring the IK rate to 100%.

My Nito is also 8/x/x right now so I have to bring a support King Hassan to compensate.

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yes. being able to immediately charge her np is the biggest part of fast farming and you have that nailed. Insta-death is always tough to rely on, so continue to level S1 won’t give you much benefit. Personally I noticed a huge benefit getting her to np2 as the damage boost makes her more effective for quick ember farmer on all classes except rider.