Nitocris or Parvati?

So, this one came pretty out of nowhere for me. I wanted to pick Chiron later this year, but since he won’t be an option right now I’d like some advice. Since I don’t have trouble with clearing any major CQ or quest right now I’d like to pick a servant that helps me with farming. While my roster is pretty alright, I’m lacking starting gauce CEs (no K-scope or MLB element) which sometimes severely limits my potential. I’d like you to give advice based on my current situation!

My current top picks would be either Nito or Parvati. I like both of their characters and designs, so from a non-gameplay point both are fine with me. Now, I know that Parvati will become a lot more useful with the release of Skadi. Since I don’t plan on spending lots of quartz for her (summer’s right around the corner…) Parvati would be NP1 with me not having an own Skadi - I don’t know how much this will hurt her potential.

Nito, on the other hand, can pop off her NP right off the bat, but she will probably don’t deal that much damage at NP1. I do, however, own a Black Grail, but I don’t know how much she will profit from that. I’ve seen Nito in a lot of 3-turn comps, but I also don’t know how that will change when Skadi will be released…

Potential other servants that I thought about were:

  • Yagyu Munenori (However, I have a LOT of Sabers, so this is really not necessary at this point.)
  • Atalante NP2 (Since I’m lacking a starting gauge CE I probably wouldn’t use her much anyways.)
  • Zerkerlot NP3 (I think NP2 is fine for now. Also, no starting gauge CE.)
  • Tristan (That sweet debuff remove would be nice, but otherwise David is pretty alright already.)

Relevant support servants I own: Merlin, Tamamo, Waver, Helena, CasGil

Feel free to ask for more information if you need it!

Well, if you’re not intending to get Skadi, then I’d say Nitocris since you’re more prepared to use her. Both could spook you whenever, so hopefully you get both of them eventually.

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Thank you for your suggestion! Do you have any information on how well Parvati does with just a single Skadi?

No, I’m an NA only player, but there are lots of others that would have that sort of information on here, so I’d suggest asking around to the JP players.

I could almost loop Parvati just by herself with an np brave chain. If she can do that now, a single skadi will still do wonders for her.

Though when you do get a kscope, Nitocris can b2b np without crazy expensive support…


Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, both of them seem like really viable options, which makes it very hard to decide…