No 100% IV Legendaries using remote raiding passes

Has anyone gotten any 100% IV legendaries since remote raiding started? I have been remote raiding since it began and I have yet to catch any 100% IV legendaries/mythical. I have done between 300 to 400 raids since remote raiding began (some in person) and mostly legendaries/mythical. I found it odd that not a single one from Zekom, Kyurem, Deoxys, Genesect, Heatran, Cresselia, Zapados, Articuno and now Moltres have perfect IV’s . I’ve gotten close with 98% with some, but not hundos.

Is Niantic purposely not allowing the chance to catch perfect IV Legendary/Mythical? If so, that is a serious issue of trust to the Pokemon community and the people who purchase remote raiding passes. Until today I didn’t have proof…

I use another site to look at the potential IV’s of Pokemon especially legendaries/mythical which is spot on. Here is the link

Am I wrong to be upset, or am I just unlucky?

Plenty of people here got perfect legendaries with remote raid passes. Better not to jump to conclusions just because you are unlucky.

Also, wrong section

Update : Two perfect Giratina Origins in the same day. Not a single perfect legendary until today I must add, but I suppose you’re right. My luck is changing now it would seem.

I also realized after I posted that some of my Raid caught legendaries had the exact same CP but different stat distributions.

Thanks for the reply, sorry about the section.