No 4 star or 5 star in 10 singles, how?

Hi, a friend of mine rolled 10 singles and he is wondering where is his guaranteed 4 stars. This is what he rolled:

What I think happend is that he previously rolled using singles and he already got the guaranteed servant/ce early . For example, something like :
#1- 4stars
#2- 3 stars
#3- same

Until 10 singles, then used some singles more and then thats how he got so many 3 stars back to back.

Also, that last part got me wondering about what I know , mainly if it is possible to “reset” the pity of singles using multis.

So, I would appreciate if someone could share their thoughts or knowledge about both the 10 back to back 3 stars and the “reset”.


Unlike in some other gachas, in fgo only the multi is guaranteed to have at least one 4* or higher card in it. That is why we always reccomend players to roll multis and not singles. Your friend getting that many 3* cards is just unlucky

Again, singles don’t have a “pity” to them with the 4* card guarantee, that is just for multis only


It’s a bit confusing but the part that states 1 guaranteed 4 star or above is only for the 11X summon not every time you do an 11th summon, in other words this does not include single summons.


I’m sure my other gacha games doesn’t give me a 4* star or the equal when rolling singles. It’s only when multis are rolled that the 4* appears. Then again I also have gacha games where even in the multis you get not 4*…why am I even playing it?


Really?? First time im hearing about it :upside_down_face:

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In honkai impact this is a feature, I don’t know if it’s the same for genshin too but yeah, most other gachas don’t have that

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You should read the information regarding the banners. It’s there all the time. :fgo_rinlaugh:


To his defense, it’s not really clear though, it basically just states the same info at the front of the banner.

I have been playing for almost 4 years but never figured that one out, thanks guys. Now im wondering how many SQ I have wasted since then :catcry:

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Not much, really. The odds of the guarantee having to kick in are rather low, and chances are excellent that a CE will result if it does.

I recommend multis whenever you want more than one thing, whether it’s additional Servant copies, different Servants, or multiple CEs.

Roll singles when you want only one thing. That way, you can stop and not blow additional SQ when you get it.


If the odds are similar, that makes so much sense. Every single SQ is worth, I never thought about doing it that way either. Thanks.

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I only did it to find the info about pity. To everyone’s and my surprise I found nothing. :fgo_brynsad:


Not much. The SR card will usually be a CE and most 4* CEs are not worth fielding for a while longer.

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Yeah, it’s also in Genshin.

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