No complaints


Got her like 2 minutes before the banner shut off, last 11 orbs. I really wanted Genny, but she was also right behind. After a crappy 4.75% getting pityfucked by Lugh, I was almost down to another 4%.

Thinking of building her right now. +HP/-Def is a slight turn-off, but at least her Spd and Res are untouched.

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Laughs in +Spd/-Res Picnic Flora.


Her IVs are probs the worst ones on her (Picnic Flora’s).

I got her in a YOLO summon (my last one on that cursed banner after F!Kana and Sue randomly appeared), but she’s really strong. Paired her up with my neutral B!Ephraim.

But what do you want in her build? A tank? Player phase attacker?

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Oh. Somehow read “Felicia”… atleast she looks really good min-maxed.

I want her to be the fast tank she’s intended to be. The idea behind S.Fighter is that it allows it’s user potential double phased prowess, as long as you’re able to double with it.

I’m getting her a +Def Wo gún, but that casts aside her Spd a little. On the flip side, this fixes her physical bulk a decent bit, leaving us with her A slot. Spd/Def is a little questionable for me, as being glued to someone and having to accomodate formations somewhat beats the purpose of player phase flexibility (something that s.Fighter kind of wants).

I’m thinking of something that gives her Spd & Def. Fury sounds appealing, but I’m concerned it might get in the way of S.Fighter. Steady Posture is cool, bug then she’s just limited to Enemy Phase. Spd def Solo are premium and out of question (and reach).

The thing is, as an armor, she’ll kinda need to be glued onto an ally for support, so spd/def bond may be the best option for what you’re trying to do, and it’ll stack with her armor buffs.

Wait…why did you swap out her prf?

Remember Me What You Use For Making Those Images

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It looks silly and Wo Gún is cooler. :p +10 Dmg and 5 HP/4 Def doesn’t hurt.

I didn’t makenthis one, it’s from the officials Heroes site.

Regardless, any image editor with transparency work (like Adobe Photoshop). I use online image editor. Works fine, nothing fancy required.

And Then What Do I Do?

I didn’t get a better iv Flora… now I’m suck with 2 Floras’ I don’t like…

What IVs?


I wanted +Def/Res/Atk…

Laughs harder in +Spd/-Res Picnic Flora

The thing is, they’re not res banes, so it’s still good. And +def isn’t the most amazing boon around.

I was planning on making her a tank with Goodie boot/Rouge Dagger with VF and CC.

Huh…you could do that, although why not use W! Cecilia for that?

I don’t have the resources to merge her up right now… also I don’t know why I haven’t built her up yet. what am I thinking?!
I’ll build Cecilia after I finish Walmart.

That’s a good idea.

Flora has her own niche as a mage killer.

And good luck building Walhart!

He’s +8 so I’m getting close to being finished. (I shouldn’t of killed 1…)

This is my W!Cecillia build:

Might give her Bottled Juice or Starfish…