No double transfer candy?

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend ever since it was announced, since I’d finally be able to transfer my junk for the expected amount of candy (as compared to half the expected amount, if you transfer at any other time). Now it’s looking like this will be a trade candy event, instead, and my inventory will be cluttered with currently-worthless junk for potentially months to come.

Am I missing anything?

or just not hoard stuff? you get double trade candy so atleast you can get more candy for the non legends. either make a special trade daily for more candy during this event, wait for next week when you can trade 2 a day, or just transfer them and not worry about a few extra candy. what if they never do a double transfer candy event again? you just gonna hold onto everything forever?

Now you get double candy for a trade, you can do a 100 a day…

If it’s just junk, then just junk it. An extra candy for a worthless mon is worth nothing compared to the space it’s taking up. Unless you have legendaries, and a lot of them, then waiting out for double transfer candy (possibly halloween) isn’t really worth it

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