[No Event DMG CE] Saber Wars 3,333,333 HP Lalter Yagyu Solo

I added a bit of light commentary to explain some thought process behind this solo via the youtube subtitle system, though the subtitle seems to be turned off by default I do wonder how many people will notice it.

From a mechanic standpoint, Lalter is not a particularly dangerous boss…but soloing this 3,333,333 HP beast with no damage CE is still a daunting task very few attempted. To my knowledge there’s only one other no event damage CE solo out there with Musashi, seeing that video a few months ago incited me to plan a no damage CE solo with Yagyu Munenori.

A script is written to plan out on what should occur every turn, to verify a Yagyu no damage CE solo is feasible from a mathematical standpoint…and this run you are seeing here followed the script almost exactly till the end.

The script requires card draw luck with the first two turns, and the necessary crits to happen even if Yagyu cannot make a lot of stars in a solo, so I expected to spend several hours on the solo. But in an incredible stroke of luck, I managed this run within a few tries. I hope I can be this lucky when I attempt more tough solos in the future.

I suspect most people just nuked down this thing and called it a day, but if you did something interesting with this quest feel free to share them here.


Why is he “sitting”… In outer space? Is he that OP? :fgo_buster:

But that’s a pretty Golden challenge to do.

Now to find a fully maxed Yagyu! :fgo_buster:


So this is the true power of Sitting EX…


Masochism EX activated?

My regret was to enter this battle with okita, musashi, shiki with 3 superscope and putting 3 MLB star of altria in the backline without knowing the kind of enemy.

I was too lazy to reset the app for a solo, I was like whatever, and I finished it.


RIP Altrium points. I forced quit the fight at the end so I can redo it with a normal max bonus comp, gotta need those Altrium points.


I got lucky. My weak level 60 5/5/5 (at the time) managed to solo her. Everyone else was dead.

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Frankly, the most annoying mechanich Lalter has is her NP seal.

I lost a lot of good Sabers to a non-MHX/A enemy… R.I.P.)

Good to see you back Drachy!


Thankee! Good to be back.


Did you do this at 9:22 am for sitting EX++++ strength? :fgo_rinlaugh:

Yeah, I already cleared the ladder, so I loaded up on chargers and buffers and let saberlot go to town. Luck back to back brave chains (with np) all with guaranteed crits made absolute mincemeat of Lalter in 2 turns.


:fgo_grampsnani:?! Only 2 turns?! :fgo_illya: :fgo_insane: NP5?! :fgo_elementarymydear: Or did you start the battle at 9:22 am? :fgo_moriartysmile:

Sadly, saberlot is only Np2, but grailed to 90 and gold fou’ed. I also played the original run, so I had 3 mlb SoA plus 1 along with mlb bloom. Waver, ozy, casgil and combat mc (all level 10) providing buffs. Np took 1.5 mil, rest of the first turn left Lalter at 1mil. Second brave chain took care of that remaining 1mil.

I LOVE Those on demand crits…

This is some impressive sitting. Great job.

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I saw this too:

Tho personally I think Yagyu requires a lot more skill to pull off

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