No-no's - The place to showoff your 0% IVs

There’s a board for perfect 100% mon and one for shinies. I felt like we needed somewhere to post our 0% IV mon.

Excited to see what turns up! :slight_smile:



Gotta love that name!


I’m enjoying these. Is there an easy search string?

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Almost forgot about this one!

Searching “0*” will bring up all your tier-4 Mons, but I don’t think you can narrow it down from there.

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I may have caught another, but probably threw it away. Also, ‘TheBigBoss’, why haven’t you favorited that Nundo Beldum?

Statistically, with 51,636 catches, I should have 12 nundos, but that doesn’t subtract out for weather buffed, raid bosses, trades, etc. I’d guess 7-9, this is the only one I’m aware of.

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Here’s another one from me, one that has actually been used. Caught at the right level for PvP Great League.


I’m almost level 39 and even till now I haven’t found a single Nundo (at least I’m aware of)

By all accounts they’re more rare than hundos since they can only be obtained from non-weather boosted wild spawns. I have somewhere between 15 - 18 hundos and maybe 7 nundos.

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They’re trickier to identify as well, particularly where the CP of the mon is low, or at least there were under the old appraisal system. I’ve had at least a couple in the past where it was impossible to determine for certain without levelling up first.

To date, I’ve had 6 known nundos and known 58 hundos.

I probably have caught some but transferred them because they were not likely to make much headway in battle.

Not possible to get one from trades?

The iv floor is 0/0/0 for only good friends. Pretty sure if floor is raised to 1/1/1 for great friends, 3/3/3 for ultra and 5/5/5 for best friends.

Good Friends is 1/1/1, Great 2/2/2, Ultra 3/3/3, and Best 5/5/5, I think.

A virgin trade with someone might therefore produce a 0/0/0 assuming the act of the trade itself doesn’t force 1/1/1 as you’ll be Good Friends immediately.


See @Skywalkered’s response. A trade with someone who has zero friendship might roll a 0/0/0, but the odds of that are extremely low and since the trade itself would up your friendship to good friends it might still base the trade off a 1/1/1 floor.

Two of my 0%


My first and only I’m aware of


I only have 9 zeros, but I love them all the same.