No Pokéballs, no fun

I’ve been entrenching myself at home for the last 3 weeks due to COVID-12, so I haven’t had the chance to hang and play around—I probably span my last Pokéstop 21+ days ago.

I was expecting to exhaust all my stack of resources, sooner or later.

This morning, thanks to:

  • the recent addition of Articuno to my team, with whom I entered into an unexpectedly positive winning streak this week, which led to several 4th-win encounters
  • the “cheap shot” from Niantic, who made catching Landorus a pain (at least, for me)
  • my “good luck” which made me meet 6 of the above genies

I got all out of Pokéballs.

But that’s not the main problem: I threw the last one to a 7th Landorus.

Now I am in an unhappy situation where I can not catch that 7th Landorus (no spheres) and I can not skip the encounter, so I can not claim the 5-match reward, so I can not start a new 5-match round, so I can not play PvP—which was more or less what I was left with.

Given I do not want to buy 100 coins of Pokéballs (I’m not that rich, and who knows what the future will bring), I’ve figured that the only option I have left is to wait for tomorrow morning, and get the weekly bonus and/or hope Niantic will sell out another 1-coin dose of Pokéballs (why couldn’t the give it away for free is unclear to me…).

Is there an alternative I might be missing?


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Open up gifts from friends. They aren‘t guaranteed, but if you get some, it‘ll be at least 5 Pokeballs per gift (sometimes 10 or even 15), plus probably a few Great- and Ultraballs.


If you think that this is bad, in HK I can raid. I repeat, I CAN raid in Hong Kong.

Landorus’ catch rate is increased to 4%, but unlike Cobalion, I can have 11 to 12 balls, all of them GRB curveball excellents/greats; it doesn’t matter, it just pops out after 1-2 shakes and flees. If I think I caught it, it pops out after 2 shakes, even after 28 balls total at once.

The catch rate I had during this point is seen 52, caught 48. During the last time where a legendary is 4% catch rate, I did around 40 Cobalions, only 1 fled.

I’m not going to rant if this is RNG, but there’s something wrong here if the catch rate does not match circle color.

Gifts give you a lot of balls nowadays


I used probably 40 balls the other day trying to catch my Landorus. Mostly great curves, ran out of berries too. CP was 2036 and came with the full ground moveset but damn.

Sometimes it is better to close your game and restart it, and then trying to catch it again (sometimes not catching a pokemon is when you have networkproblems… seen it happen after raids too Pokemon jumping out of the ball, jumping out… restarted the game and then the ball begun spinning (so atleast you have a chance of catching it).

I followed the suggestion and claimed a couple of gifts: still, it took a good 12 normal and 4 great balls to catch the beast. Thank you @PokeprofJulian and @MartijnLW!

Excuse me Papamaxmary, I broke my vow of not claiming any gift from friends without being able to send one back—I am out of gifts too… :expressionless:—at the first occasion I’ll make up for it.

@orioncrystalice also my first Landorus took ∼ 40 between balls and berries. Later ones were somehow “easier” (I assume the difficulty was toned down a bit since I doubt my catching skills got better all at once) but still took from 10 to 20.

@Mr-ex777 I can understand why Niantic is after making players spend a lot of resources to catch rare monsters in normal conditions (it’s in their interest to make players broken and eager to spend coins and then real money in the Shop), but under these extraordinary ones, I feel a bit made fun of when I am given extra resources through the shop to support me in continuing to play, and then those resources are taken right back at the first occasion by making a catch super difficult… :sweat_smile: at least let me skip the 7th, I’m after spending some time PvPing :upside_down_face:

@ikke I was not aware of this trick, I’ll definitively give it a try the next time I face a similar situation! :pray:

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Pack of 50 great balls is currently 1 coin in the shop


It is my understanding based on Reddit posts that, if you ask Niantic’s support for a pokecoin to buy the single coin bundle, they’ll give you the coin. I don’t know why it’s not 0 coins, but I imagine the answer is both arbitrary and human.


If I also request 0 coins, will I get 0 coins?

This post is not going as expected but Orioncrydtslice… :rofl:

@Agranosh I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

I just saw the discounted package has been reproposed again for this week too:

Nonetheless, the best strategy I found so far to avoid getting framed again in the same unhappy situation is winning not more than 3 rounds per session :woman_shrugging:

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They send a glitter bomb to your house.