At first: oh look, another armored dragon. Wait a minute…



Good luck summoning!

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It’s weird not being the only person who is excited for who is essentially Tiki. So this is what it looks like to everyone else huh…


I’ll only spend enough orbs, to summon 1 Nagi, then the rest will be for Owain.


Good luck! Luckily she’s green, which will improve your odds of getting her.

ME TOO, LUCKILY I HAVE 200 ORBS, ALL I WANT IS ONE NOT -ATK NAGI FOR MY ASTRA TEAM (my light teams are a lot more offensive and she just wouldn’t rly fit)

I’ve finally found a green unit that I really want, that isn’t a seasonal unit!

I hope I don’t get Buttface

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If he got a refine, then maybe I wouldn’t groan at him showing up. But… Ugh.

Thought you might mean Surtr

No. As much as I hate him, his art is not bad and when used right, he can be a monster.

Arthur looks like shit and performs like shit.

Weird. I thing you spelled Sirius wrong. You don’t need Anti Meta Stuff. You want a character with some personality.

No. As much as I liked how they put Sirius in, I want Nagi more.

I need Nagi so bad, I love her character so much XD

I’m going to hope and pray that she appears with Gunnthra in the December Legendary banner, but it’s a slim chance.

I’m so excited to +10 her omg. Might wait for a 3 focus banner though I’ve only got 990 orbs.


To me, Nagi is screaming “Ophelia’s counter” and nothing else (the effectiveness against colorless is nearly pointless, ok against Duma? and maybe B!Lyn/B!Veronica AR shit?) which makes me more sad than it should. I mean, green dragarmored with a 80% damage reduction on AOE with distant counter
But I guess that’s mean I can easily skip this banner…

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Was worth the try.

Effective against legendary alm too.


You’re right, I’m actually using him in my AR defense :sweat_smile: and he’s doing an amazing job!
Which means another “broken” dragarmored who’s gonna wreck my defense :elisad:
Look at this team

Nagi counters every unit in this team, maybe not Aversa, but they will have someone else to deal with her :feh_notlikethis: they can throw Nagi in the middle of the 5 and she will 1v5 easily… But it’s in theory, now we need to see her stats… make her garbage, IS pls
Usually, I win ~90% of my defenses, but if people pull for Nagi and use her a lot in AR, I think I will have to figure out an other layout…

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