Nobukatsu General Discussion

Our welfare for this event will be handled slightly different compared to previous ones, being available for a limited time through the FP gacha only, instead of being given as a reward through the event. This comes with some advantages though - namely, 15 Servant Coins per copy :fgo_shebasmile:

He’s also only a 1* which means teeny tiny stats :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:


Nobu is firmly in the Supporter category vs. being any sort of damage dealer, and even more focused on supporting his really cool and awesome big sister!

Skill 1 is an up to 30% Buster debuff for a single enemy for 3 turns, and also grants them “Confusion” that has a small chance to seal their skills for a turn. On other skills that have chances at each turn (like Terror) it says that it goes away after use, but this one doesn’t? So I’ll admit I’m not sure if it could theoretically block someone from using skills 3 times in a row. It would also be nicer ofc if the Buster debuff was AoE but hey, he’s a 1* Servant.

Skill 2 is his best, as it grants him a 15 stars/turn regen for 3 turns, party-wide 20% Crit damage, and then specifically for Nobus an extra 80% crit damage and a massive 3000% star absorb (which since 1 is a Zerk and 1 is an Avenger, they need gather weights that high to get any). I love this skill for the support it can provide to people that are kinda weak on their own (Archer Nobu is just downright atrocious by any standard).

Skill 3 is designed to help him NP, pairing a Taunt with a buff to his NP gain when taking damage and then providing a party heal (3k) if he dies in the next 5 turns. It isn’t as insane an NP gain as Mash has, but 50% more is 50% more :feh_lucyshrug: and then you will get to use the Heal since even if this doesn’t kill him, his NP does.

His 3rd append is anti-Casters but no, he’s not a DPS so don’t bother with it.

Noble Phantasm

His NP charges the party NP gauge (20% @NP5), then increases the party’s Buster by 10% @ Overcharge 1, further increases the Buster of Nobus by a flat 20%, and then yeets himself so someone better can come in for more damage buffs.

Since it doesn’t do damage itself, I figured we could still get a chart but for how much it buffs the damage of the various Nobus - if you’re keeping track at home, it’s a total of 100% Crit damage, 30% general Buster damage, and 60% Buster vs. a single enemy.

Servant Description NP1 NP2 NP5
Nobu (Archer) Assumed NP5 due to Welfare, but not available for a while *ST damage 17.1k —>27.5k
Nobu (Archer) NP5 vs. Riding, ST 25.7k—>41.2k
Nobu (Archer) NP5 vs. Divine, ST 34.3k—>55.0k
Nobu (Archer) NP5 vs both, ST 51.5k—>82.5k

For the other 2 enemies, who have 30% more Buster Resist, it’s 22k/33.5k/44.7k/67.0k

Servant Description NP1 NP2 NP5
Nobu (Zerk) 63.9k—>94.4k 79.9k—>118.0k 95.9k—>141.6k
Nobu (Zerk) Divine 95.9k—>141.6k 119.9k—>177.0k 143.9k—>212.4k
Nobu (Zerk) Burning Field 76.7k—>113.2k 95.9k—> 141.6k 115.1k—>169.9k
Nobu (Zerk) Burning + Divine 115.1k—> 169.9k 143.9k—>212.4k 172.6k—>254.9k

These all take into account her usual 1.5x mod, so against a few enemies it’ll be less than this.

Servant Description NP1 NP2 NP5
Nobu (Avenger) Assuming turn 2, it’ll average to 50% Attack Up 23.2k—>30.2k 31.0k—>40.3k 38.8k—>50.4k
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, vs. ST 23.2k—>37.2k 31.0k—>49.6k 38.8k—>62.1k
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Divine 34.9k—>45.4k 46.5k—>60.5k 58.2k—>75.7k
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Divine, vs. ST 34.9k—>55.9k 46.5k—>74.5k 58.2k—>93.1k
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Sky umm basically 10% less than vs. Divine as same buff values but .9 mod at the end
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Sky, vs. ST
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Sky, Divine 47.1k—> 61.3k 62.8k—> 81.7k 78.6k—>102.2k
Nobu (Avenger) 50% Attack Up, Sky, Divine, vs. ST 47.1k—>75.4k 62.8k—>100.6k 78.6k—>125.7k

Nobu (Avenger) gets her own Buster buff (30%) next year that I didn’t take into account here, and if you time it right to get the full 70% from her S1 she’ll obviously hit harder as well, but that was already a lot of math for one Servant and I didn’t want to do it for turn 1 (30%), turn 2 (50%), and turn 3 (70%) for each NP level and for each enemy type. I’m not that devoted to my craft.

What’s clear, though, is that Nobukatsu is a wonderful Nobunaga buffer, since as of right now only Nobu Zerk has any in-kit Buster buffs (total 26%) and he provides anywhere from 30%—>60% more for her, before we look at the 100% Crit damage - only Archer Nobu has any in-kit crit damage buffs, and it’s a dated 50%. Nobu Zerk and Nobu Archer do have star absorbs as well, and Nobu Zerk and Nobu Avenger have stars/turn, so he just really slots in to fix what any one of them lack. Stars for Nobu Archer + Buster buffs + more crit damage, more stars + 3 turns of absorb + crit damage for Nobu Zerk, and Buster Buffs + absorb + crit damage for Nobu Avenger. I was originally going to compare some Buster Brave chains with crits for them as well but I forgot how they all had several different bonus damage categories for their NPs and I’m all math’d out right now :catlie:

In short, though, Nobukatsu is great at buffing Nobus and thanks to his NP, he doesn’t overstay his welcome and lets someone else like Merlin, Okkie, or Himiko come in to provide even more stars and/or defense buffs and/or Buster/crit damage buffs. At a low party cost!

Ascension and Skill Mats

Sadly, he doesn’t have a shop Ascension mat so you do have to farm for him. He should be really cheap to raise though anyways, even if you wanted to do all his Appends for some reason.


Regular Skills:

Append Skills:


That was like, a lot of math so I probably made a mistake somewhere. If anyone checks my work and finds an error @ me and I’ll fix it. Thank you.




sounds like you’re not trying hard enough :fgo_nobukatsuwoke:


UGGGH HE WANTS DUST. There’s a crap ton of different matts, why everybody that I want to upgrade has to eat dust?

Anyway, kinda hyped for him, I cant wait to pair him with Maou and/or Summer Nobu.

It’s not a lot of dust though, just a little :pinching_hand:


He’s also our only male swimsuit servant that isn’t using a spiritron dress.


If Nobukatsu gets the coins from his first banner in NA; then I’m gonna get atleast NP48. :pray:

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All Servants available from summoning give coins, so I wouldn’t expect any surprises there.

Yeah, but its a little MORE on top of a crapton that I need to farm for other servants, lol.

Despite being a 1*, on the discussion on Nobakutsu for Grails, data from JP estimated that while yes, he’s a 1* that gives coins as a 3*, he also has a 3* drop rate %, even on rate up.

Still is the best event to toss FP at, as it’s practically an extra 3* on the pool with CE EXP to boot.

At 15 coins a copy, that’s NP24 for his appends, assuming no bond levels. (If you want to take him to 120, for some strange reason, that’s another 20 copies.)

Or NP 22 at bond 6, which is a realistic goal.

But it might be better not to go ham on him this year, despite the CE EXP cards - the rerun comes with Habenyan in the pool, and a 5x succ rate, iirc.

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i love his stargen skill might use him solely for that completely ignoring my archer and berserker nobu

his stargen skill compared to others
  • oda nobukatsu 5-15 stars(3T) 7-5cd
  • saberlot 5-15 stars(3T) 8-6cd
  • caenis 5-15 stars(3T) 7-5cd
  • Cursed arm 5-15 stars(1T) 6-4cd
  • HANS 5-15 stars* (3T) 7-5cd
  • JINAKO (15/10) 5 to all (3T) 8-6cd
  • HIMIKO (24/16)8 to all(3T) 7-5cd
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Now this is a servant I approve of

Day 1 lvl 120


Idek if I have enough grails for 90 :fgo_illyablink:

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A welfare buster support, I’m saved

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Being only a 1☆ his material costs are relatively quite cheap

That being said, Nobukatsu’s materials are so frustrating
Dust bullets and arrowheads ?


easy mats[seriously tho, 1*s require minimal numbers], just prep better 4head :ak_swiresmug:

anyway another awesome buster support I approve 100%, can’t wait to get him he’s good and hilariously broken when paired with nobus lol.

side note; if I don’t see lvl 120 brobus day 1 I’ll be very disappointed.


What kind of hooker advice is this?