Nobunaga NP Update



When Interlude Quest for Nobu will be available?
I have NP 3 Nobu right now. If I will max it, my Nobu only got +50% damage from my currentt. Tbh I prefer burn other 2 Nobu for Rare Prism, except there will be update for her NP.


Just so you know, burning welfare Servants don’t give Rare Prisms. All you’ll end up doing is locking your Nobu at NP3 forever since this is the last chance to get her (Not unless they implement some method in the future to acquire missed Welfares, which is doubtful).

So don’t burn her.

Edit: She doesn’t have an interlude. If she gets one in the future then it’ll be years down the line since even JP doesn’t have one yet.


You NEVER burn welfare servants. That’s one of the silliest things to do. There’s no reward for doing it. You say * only * gets 50% more NP damage but do the maths - with class advantage and against enemies riding /divine trait. That’s a lot of dmg you are going to be missing out on.

There has only ever been one np upgrade for a welfare servant - that’s Saber Lily - the 1st welfare ever who had 3 * stats but 4 * cost so she badly needed to be buffed. We get this update next year. It is extremely unlikely that Nobu will ever get an np interlude. Nobu is one of the best 4* servants. There’s no need to buff her. Nobu gets an animation update that’s it.


Okay I get --"
I’ve max nobu NP after and right now I still at Camelot and nobu will help me a lot. Now what to do with chacha *sigh


Keep her, and level her if possible.
What else you gonna do?


Not big fan of berserker. Any tips beside George tank trick?


Chacha’s NP per turn skill + Berserker class + NP5 will make her a useful farmer, especially for mixed nodes and the dailies.


I do hope that her 2nd skill got a strengthening later. Just divine is not enough. Give her anti demonic/magical too DW!!!


You do know she has anti riding too right on her np? Basically any servant with riding eg almost every saber and almost every rider takes up to 200% extra damage.

You’re basically asking DW to buff nobu to deal extra damage to damage to 95% of every enemy you’ll see. You may as well ask for anti male bonus and anti dragon bonus as well. Not a single ssr has that many bonuses

To the OP: if you’re not a fan of bersekers how are you using them? Do you 3 turn farm dailies or farming nodes? You give Aoe zerkers starting np ces’s you get a waver/helena/merlin/ozy to charge the np so you can wipe out a wave turn 1


Even if you’re not a fan of a character, it’s usually not a bad idea just to keep them around to make life easier. I don’t like Tamamo-cat and Raikou (support), but damn if they don’t make my ember grinding 5x easier. I can use that time they save for me to do something else.


@loudshirt @Impulse I see, I’ll try to learn how to use berserker. After all, ChaCha is AoE berserker with easy NP5.