Non-Meta Servant Appreciation Thread

Name kind of says it all! I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the true Fate Waifu, Jeanne, and want others to have the same opportunity!

Hoping to be one of the few (or maybe only) Jeanne 120s in the NA version of the game very soon (already 2k/2k, 3/5 cards max fou’d). Just opened up to be able to level her to 118 with this bond level. Drop below if you’re also part of the best tribe! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Jeanne loves me, but I don’t love her with quite the same fervor. Still, I remember being super happy when I got her, especially since she was my first Ruler, and I like her character well enough.

My affection might be rekindled by an animation update and at least another skill update after the coming one :slight_smile:


Best Alchemist reporting in! :fgo_mini_celsus:

He might be a bit on the potato side even with the love, but he’s got so much going for him!

  • easy wave clear holding whatever event CE? :white_check_mark:
  • Play doctor for best Archer with suicidal tendencies? :white_check_mark:
  • support other in looping? :white_check_mark:
  • 3T looping himself? W2 can have 1 enemy for all that 80% battery cares. :white_check_mark:

Now if only I can summon more coins and grails… I might just take the 120 plunge again!


Love this pick! My FMA fan side might bias me tho :eyes:


As a FMAB fan myself (besides a chem eng degree) he definitely stood out among the 3* servants the moment he was released, long before he got that fancy looping RUQ


Party name says it all -


:fgo_moriartymad: and you didn’t invite me?!?


Nightingale really needs some love, i really like her, her NP is really beautiful in my opinion


Scheherazade. The servant that piqued my interest since starting the game but her presence has only recently graced my chaldea thanks to valentines.

You can’t make a Non-Meta Servant Appreciation thread without having to suffer my gay ass gush over this gorgeous goddess of a servant! Like where do I even begin!

She fights by summoning copies of people from stories she tells, I mean cmon people were not just talking Aladdin here, she can just pull out a supercharged Herc because she’s decided to modify his spirit origin to be like that and then immediately turn around and through a salter at your face while brining in Zenobia, so long as it follows the story she’s telling. SO. DAMN. COOL.

and can we not skip over the fact that she is an absolute badass when she wants to be? She created a whole entire world/singularity through her noble phantasm, she turned our entire trip into that pseudo singular into her own story, and then proceeded to threaten to destroy the magic system as a whole! Y’all ain’t giving her the credit she deserves!

Even gameplay wise as an np1 her damage and looping capabilities feel extremely good! 100% loop everytime without fail on all enemy types (haven’t screwed around against riders yet) and her damage has been much better than expected

In otherwords god I love this servant and I want to be one of the few 120 scheherazade’s :heart:


Jeanne is my go-to “I just want to win this battle” pick. She clears practically everything, it’s great! I still don’t understand the “Jeanne’s dead” response that came from Castoria’s release, even after using them both frequently. Castoria really needs a lot of help to stall; Jeanne’s a one-slot solution.

'grats on getting her! The grails look great.

Scheherazade’s place in the meta is so weirdly underacknowledged. She’s been the undisputed best SSR Caster in farming for years, while also providing great tools in boss fights (notably for me, she trivialized the Arjuna Alter boss with her AOE guts.) I used her for my dailies a lot before Castoria came out too, and though I don’t run those anymore, I’m sure she’s even better at it now.
I can only imagine Sieg being a free NP5 was what led to her being so overshadowed. But then you have to use Sieg. Eww.


120 Schez is a very strong all-purpose Servant. The investment largely fixes her damage issues, and there are actually a lot of King enemies (mostly Servants) to wreck with her 200% special attack mod.


Nightingale is outstanding in stall-oriented strats. She will protect everyone from bothersome NPs such as buff-removing or pierce invincible ones, has a massive heal and can still DPS during that. Stacked kit.


Oh yeah for sure! I used yours borderline religiously when you logged to the point where I knew consistently what the ranges on all her damage options were. But even NP1 with DCS? She has been doing some major heavy lifting, I can 3T most nodes and handle prison tower with her.


That reminds me! Something tiny that I don’t agree with but see in a lot in regards to servant reviews: when a servant has a trait mod, and the reviewer goes “and these are all the *insert disadvantaged class here* enemies with that trait” as if the damage mod only comes into play against one class.
Slightly unrelated tangent, but it happens even more in combination with append skills. People see that attack-up vs random class skill and don’t connect it with the trait mods. Not a problem for Schez thankfully.

Anti-King gives decent coverage, even at neutral.


Local white haired pretty boi simp reporting in.


My best boi knight!


I love him, and everything pertaining to him, including but not limited to the fact that his VA is my favourite in the entire JP industry, Mamoru Miyano is a legend in my books. :catballoon:

And ofc, my beautiful Sun boi!


Sadly only NP1 despite all my struggles otherwise. :catlie:
Nothing much to say (well there’s actually a lot to say, but I’ll be here forever if I start), he’s my no.1 fav as far as FGO goes, and that I adore him. I actually loved Karna long before FGO, he is and always was my fav from his source material, even over Arjuna and his brothers or Krishna. He’s a tragic hero and I’ve always found him to be exceptionally moving.

But my most non-meta fav that I’ve grailed is probably:

I love Asclepius, I made a huge post about him and Karna back in the day for his debut banner’s roll thread, and later once again for his Interlude roll thread. And I’ve only grown to love him more and more as time passes by. The extra grail stats have come in clutch at least 3 times off the top of my head, but probably more, and his extra staying power on field to fire off just one more NP or use his skills once again is honestly great. I actually kinda forget he’s not a gold servant, cause mine’s always had a gold border, and I recently saw another Doctah with the normal Silver card somewhere on the FL and it made me pause for a good 10 seconds and reminded me that he’s actually a 3 star.

Since I more or less live for the “grail only and only if you absolutely adore them to bits, and for nothing less” there’s probably a lot more I can add, but we’ll go with these three. :fgo_ereshlove:


I have little patience left for folks stuck in the class advantage ghetto.

Sure, realistically this matters vs. high HP enemies, especially when your roster is more limited, but we don’t always have the luxury of running mono-class nodes in AoE, so why pretend that neutral isn’t the consideration here?


DSS (the user) beat me to bedivere, who else do I have up my sleeve hm


Looks at Sei

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


This reminds me that the longer the game goes on, the more I move away from Red damage. I’ve always loved Extra classes and crit gameplay, but lately I’m not even just pro-Extra class, I’ve moved over to using regular classes on neutral damage, and while I generally tend to not go class disadvantage, I’ve done it a few times and come out just fine.


First you call Non-Meta Servant Appreciation Thread and then you post Jeanne…wut? :fgo_rinlaugh:

Jeanne is meta! She’s the only servant that doesn’t need her skills to win. Show me another! She’s my last man standing. She’s my VIP. :fgo_jeannepeek:

Sadly, I only got just as many versions of Jeanne as her Alter version, 1. :fgo_brynsad:

Anyway, good picks from people. My Nightingale is Bond 10 so she’s resting after saving so many patients from their deaths by killing them. My Jeanne (& alter) are both Bond 11 and I’m thinking of going Bond 12 on them.

Anyway, awesome thread. Very nice to see such a kind of thread in this community. :fgo_ereshlove: