Noob question about skill and np percentages

I’ve been playing for a few months now but something still confuses me. Where does gamepress get the percentages from for the skills or NPs. For example, I believe Arash NP battery gives 30% charge at max rank but unless you checked here or tested it yourself, you would never know that. The description the game gives you does not give any indication of this. Sometimes they use words like “slightly” or “significantly” so idk if there’s a pattern I’m missing.

Hope this makes sense, thanks!

I think most of the internal data comes from data mining?

yeah, the info is all datamined

this game’s like pokemon, where they leave out a lot of the technical details (fun times with the “gain random effects” skills)

Not only the game does a terrible job at explaining basic concepts, it’s also missing essential informacion entirely.

As said, we know all this through datamining. Thus, it is essential to use sites like Gamepress or the wiki to learn about skills and whatnot.

pokemon at least tells you raw stats like your attack/def/speed
and your base attack powers

and you can figure out most abilities in pokemon if you think a little

hear, you dont even get basic info like fcking
hit counts lul

aniplex still make the same mistake
with their 2nd game
so clearly
this isnt even a design issue
but something more

They know they’ll drown in money anyway, so they don’t even bother.