Noob Questions

A few noob questions:

  1. Regarding 2 and 3 bar charge moves. How does that work? Should I be firing off the first time one of the bars fill up, or should I be waiting until all three are full? Does it fire a larger hit if you fire off all three bars? Or does it just fire three smaller hits in a row? How does that work?

  2. What is the point of PVP? I doesn’t seem like winning gains you anything vs losing. For instance, if my son and I do a battle, the winner and loser seem to have equal odds at getting great stuff. Sometimes he will lose and get better items than I get when I beat him. Is there anything other than bragging rights to winning and losing?

  3. The different leagues? I thought they paid out differently. Like 300 stardust for great league, 400 for Ultra and 500 for master. But I’m not so sure now. So what is the difference in the leagues as far as rewards go? Or is there any? I realize STRATEGICALLY there are lots of differences, but as far as rewards and gameplay - what is the purpose of the lower leagues?

  4. Regionals… I hatched a Mr. Mime the other day. It was from an egg from a “friend” in Norway or Nederlands or something like that… I didn’t realize that could happen. My son hatched an Unown R from a similar egg. What regions should I cultivate a relationship with for some good regional eggs?

  5. I see a lot of mention of great mons that are only great if you have a legacy move. For example, metagross - it seems like for those of us who don’t have these special moves, there seems like almost no way to get them. Am I overlooking something? I saw a discussion talking about great all-around Pokémon’s and that was mentioned. But is that pretty much a “you have it, or you are out of luck” thing?

I’m sure that I’ll have more - hopefully I am asking questions that other noobs have and the answers can help them too…

Thank you in advance,

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any 7km egg till the 23rd can hatch
pvp is used only for real tournements unless of coure daily battles
sadly out of luck on old legacy moves unless someone trades yo
all bars means the amount of them you can store up no damage bonus
and stardust is differing only pv team leader
hope i awnsered all your questions

Legacy moves are occasionally re-issued for a special event e.g. last year’s two day December community weekend, or the Lapras event.

  1. Each bar is one charge. You can wait until multiple are filled and then fire them one after the other but there is no added benefit. Actually, you want to fire them off before the last bar is completely full so you don’t have wasted energy (that’s why 1-bar moves are often less useful).
  2. lol! This is sadly one of Niantic’s failings. While PvP is arguably the endgame for PoGo, there is no significant benefit to doing it (unlike raids). Just have fun!
  3. The leagues only matter for rewards when facing the gym leaders (doable 1/day).
  4. see @Yoda
  5. Yeah, a several Pokémon (especially the starters) need their CD move to really shine. Metagross is a prime example. Hopefully, the December CD weekend will allow a repeat of previous Community Days otherwise, hope for a good trading partner.
  1. Multiple-bar charge moves won’t build up to a bigger hit if you fill all 3 bars. So you can fire off a 3-bar move as soon as the first bar fills, or wait for all 3 bars to fill and do multiple back-to-back.
    Typically, I would suggest using multi-bar moves as soon as they’re available (especially against raid bosses). If you wait to fill up all 3 bars, your Mon could up taking a hit and fainting before it gets to use all 3. Also, you gain energy from taking damage in gyms/raids. So if your Mon takes a hit from a charge move when you’ve already mostly filled those bars, the extra energy from that hit gets wasted.

  2. There are lines in the code that strongly hint that in-game PvP battle rankings and player matchmaking battles may be on their way. We don’t know exactly what all this will entail, but it looks like Niantic has plans to do more with PvP.
    Currently, however, aside from the 3 daily rewards and the gold PvP badges for completionists, PvP is purely there for fun. People who get competitive with it will do the Silph Cup tournaments, which can be really interesting. On the flip side, however, competitive PvP can be very taxing on your Stardust.
    P.S. the daily rewards for your first 3 PvP battles are not impacted by whether or not you win or lose.

  3. I believe the higher leagues pay out more stardust than the lower ones when battling against team leaders, but I think the rewards from battling other players are streamlined across all 3 leagues. Someone correct me on this if I’m wrong.

  4. Regionals in 7k eggs are a result of the Week 2 Ultra Unlock bonus that’s currently going on, so it’s a limited-time affair. Also, all 7k eggs have the same odds for hatching a regional. Friendship levels and the location the gift is coming from will have no bearing on this.
    The Unowns hatching from 10k eggs were part of last week’s bonus. There’s a whole write-up in the “News” section in-game that gives more detail on this.

  5. Most of these special moves are community day exclusive moves. There’s a chance that the community day Mons from 2018 might get re-released or able to learn their exclusive moves in December, so keep your eyes peeled a few months from now to see if there’s any updates on that.
    Otherwise, you can always ask people local to you if they have any spares of those Mons to trade. Metagross, Tyranitar, Salamence, Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile are some Mons with community day exclusive moves I would probably prioritize.

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Thanks so much - this forum is a wealth of information!

I think one of the biggest challenges for me is having played in 2016 and coming back now is that I didn’t realize that a lot of this stuff is limited time specials. I just assumed it was new stuff in the game…

Like, when I started playing, it was during the week where you could have 20 gifts and open 30 (I think) and I thought that was the norm. So I was surprised when it fell back to current levels. I quickly figured out what was going on, but at first I was confused.

Thank you all for the help. I have more questions coming!!! :slight_smile:


Same! I took a few years off due to a shitty phone situation, now I’m back and had A LOT of these questions!!!

Do you have any Pokemon caught in July or August 2016? If so, do not transfer them! When you trade them, they and the Pokemon that you receive in return are guaranteed to be “lucky” (high IVs and requiring less stardust to power up).

The most valuable legacy moves are:
Meteor Mash for Metagross (CD)
Lick or Shadow Claw for Gengar
Sky Attack for Moltres
Shadow Ball for Mewtwo
Smack Down for Tyranitar (CD)
Outrage for Salamence (CD)
Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn for starters (CD)

The most valuable legacy moves are:
Meteor Mash for Metagross (CD)
Lick or Shadow Claw for Gengar
Sky Attack for Moltres
Shadow Ball for Mewtwo
Smack Down for Tyranitar (CD)
Outrage for Salamence (CD)
Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn for starters (CD)

I don’t have any of these Pokémon…:unamused::man_facepalming:t3:

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I think what @hkn was getting at is these are the Pokemon you should trade for. If you have Mons from July/August 2016, they will guarantee that your trade will go lucky (this works up to 10 times, minus the number of lucky Mons you already have). So if you find anyone who has and is willing to trade one of those Mons in that list, trading them one of those July/August 2016 Mons will make it lucky!

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Finding people to play with is tough round my way let alone getting someone to trade a top mon with!
I’m sure I’ll catch up with the top tiered mons at some point.

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Also, if any of your July/August 2016 Mons are of the following, they are often very valuable for trades (some for utility, others as rare collectors pieces):

  • Gyarados with dragon breath.
  • Chansey with psyshock.
  • Omastar with rock throw/rock slide.
  • Dragonite with dragon breath/dragon claw.
  • Exeggutor with confusion.
  • Poliwhirl with scald.
  • Snorlax with body slam.
  • Machamp with karate chop/cross chop or stone edge.

The following Mons are exceptionally valuable for PvP players, but they’d need to be under 1500 CP for most players to want them:

  • Magneton with thunder shock/discharge.
  • Poliwrath with mud shot.
  • Hypno with shadow ball.
  • Haunter with shadow ball.
  • Nidoking with fury cutter.
  • Raichu with thunder shock.
  • Lapras with ice shard/ice beam (not as valuable after the Lapras raid day)

A full list of Mons with legacy moves can be found here:

Starters will almost certainly have a re-run in December so hold onto: Totodile :crocodile: , Mudkip :frog: , Treeko :lizard: , and Torchic :chicken: . That said, Roserade with Grass Knot or Solarbeam is still the best grass type anyway and isn’t locked into CD moves.

Rhyperior with the right moves is a near replacement for Smack Down T-tar and Golem can be a cheap sub too. Rampardos is great, if you can find it! :laughing:

Salamence with Dracometeor is not significantly different from Outrage (will likely be re-run in December too). Most of the Dragons are basically the same, TBH.

Gengar with Hex is still serviceable as a glass-cannon and Giratine-O is better in almost everyway (if you were playing when it was released). There will likely be a replacement come October/‘spook season’ anyway. :man_shrugging:

TL;DR there are very decent replacements for all the ‘legacy Pokémon’ that can still do nearly the same thing, just slightly not as good.

Just wondering what peeps tactics are for using lucky eggs, start piece and coin use?
Been defending gyms to save for incubators but now thinking I should save for the ultra box?
Any other tips for solo playing would be great too!
Cheers :upside_down_face:

Also buddy.options? Been walking feabass as I’ve not got a clue who to be walking atm. Ta

walk feebas till done with it me i walked my feebas 20 km then the others i walked my shiny milotic because same result except for cooler pokemon as buddy

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Lucky eggs :four_leaf_clover: :
Best is to time it when you level-up your friendship (higher the friendship level, higher the XP). Also, evolve fodder 'mons (Whismur, Pidgey, caterpillars, Marill) and do your first-catch-of-the-day for added bonus.

Starpiece :star2: :
Use during starpiece events (this Sunday during Turtwig CD for example) and when you have several (10km) eggs hatching at the same time (can do this with Lucky Eggs too).

Gyms and coins (get ready, it’s weird! :upside_down_face:):
Pokémon give you coins :moneybag: when they return from a gym with the amount being determined by how long they were in that gym. You get a max of 50coins/day. Usually ~8hrs of gym control is long enough to get your 50 coins. You want to turn over gyms fairly quickly to maximize coin return. No benefit in having a 'mon in a gym for days!

Adventure box is always the best deal for incubators bar-none. Sometimes the small CD box is decent in the short term (i.e. right now eggs hatch at 1/2 the distance so having some now rather than more later is good).


When it comes to the boxes it all depends on what you need. Personally I go for the adventure box when I need incubators insted of buying them one at a time. I would recommend first to upgrade your storage both pokemon and item bag until they reach a comfortable level for your play style. Right now I have 750 pokemon storage which is not much compared to the 2000 max but it let’s me play for a couple days without having to transfer

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actualy max is 2500

Upgrade your bag and Pokemon storage with gym coins.