Not again

Both of them pitybroke the cyl banner. And both with Hp asset, and its 4th time in a row i got pitybroken (in HS banner i got pitybroken twice sniping Red Kimono girl). And all of them is Hp asset, yes four 5* in a row all non focus and with hp asset.

Either its a joke or there is some kind of curse sticking in my account.


Not the worst pity break.

But a pity break is sad no matter what.

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Yeah I feel you. Just spent 100 orbs just to get bow Hinoka and Selkie at the very end.

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You complain that Nah and Claude are pitybreaks? O_O shock

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Looks at 5 star Thea that pitybroke me


Granted, Iā€™m merging her :thinking: