Not all units have an official tier on the site?

This is not the first time I ask something about tiers, and it may feel like I am obsessed… to be honest, I still think a tier list is the easiest and fastest way to summarize the information about the unit. It’s not perfect but I like it. A number that contains so much information. And more important, I have a list with my units on excel and I need the tiers to make statistics. I can make them up I suppose but I’d like to keep the tiers from the site for consistency sake.

Wow, after reading that, yeah, I suppose that I am obsessive…

Anyway. I can’t find a lot of units in the official tiers. Galzus, Karin, Hilda from genealogy, Valentine’s Lissa or Spring Luthier for example, but it happens with a lot of units in recent months. Some of them are old enough that they should be classified already.

And I don’t think they are bad enough to exclude them from tiers, I mean, yeah, Galzus has not a lot of unique stuff running for him but he is a pretty decent unit, I am sure a +10 version of him with good skills could be useful. More than tier 5, maybe. He has a lot of stats.

And the same for many others, that’s just an example.

Maybe there is some chart of tiers that I didn’t find? This is the one I look: Aether Raids Tier List | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Thank you. I need my stuff tidy, classified and clean ^^

Only units with personal weapons are included on the tier list to save space. Below the main tier list are the generic tier lists, which rank units that don’t have their own weapons and need to use inheritable ones. As for Hilda, check tier 3 again.


It was quite difficult to make a consistent tier list with almost 800 units and finding a place where they fit better. That’s why GamePress decided to use separate tier lists for those without personal skills.


I understand, it kinda makes sense. But I don’t know, there is an archetype behind most units. If you know how usable is that archetype in the meta, and you can correlate it with the stats, I think a tier should be able to add pretty fast, in fact, it would probably be easier to assign a tier to a unit than make those complex (and very enjoyable) analysis we have.

But that’s just my ignorant take on the matter, I am just a green throne wielder, I am not really competitive.

I think that’s not the Hilda I was talking about. But your explanation makes sense. It’s not very satisfying because nowadays I think that some ftp units without a unique weapon can make a pretty good job some times, but I understand your take.

Genealogy Hilda, right? She’s there.

The existence of the generic tier list doesn’t automatically make units bad if they aren’t on the main list. It exists because lacking any unique skills makes those units largely interchangeable.

For example, the main tier list doesn’t have Gatrie on it. That doesn’t mean the creators of the list are calling him bad; in fact, the generic tier list rates defensive lance armors as tier 2, which is better than most of the units in the game. It just means there isn’t really anything that sets him apart from Kjelle, Benny, Valbar, or any of the other bulky lance armors. Yeah, some of them have more optimized stats than the others, but it’s not going to radically alter their gameplay.

Like you said, most units fall into a larger archetype based on movement type, weapon type, base stats, etc. The generic tier list ranks these archetypes instead of the individual units, because otherwise the main tier list would get too cluttered. You can even see on the screenshot above that there are over 50 sword users in tier 3, and that’s just the ones with personal skills. That’s why we have a generic tier list - most units without unique skills perform about the same as other units that share their weapon type, movement type, and general stat distribution, and the main list is already bloated enough, so generic units are condensed into archetypes and those archetypes are ranked to save space and preserve the sanity of the tier list authors.


So essentially:

TL:DR - No Prf? Same as others. Refer to Generic List.

Though let’s be honest most units with a prf are just Generics with extra steps.

Just to add some more stuff. Most of the replies are in the right direction for the reason we made the generic change.

While assigning generics units is easy, the issue is when we have to retroactively change some of the units due to inheritable weapons or skills. As people mentioned, we are almost at 800 units, so it becomes a project just to consider all the use cases of the weapons and skills. An example would be the introduction of Astrid; Astrid was introduced into Tier 3 during her launch, but generic units such as Python and Rath were not updated, and then there’s also a cascading effect on units like Halloween Rolf and Leonie. That took a few revisions to get it fully lined up, but the same things were also consistently happening in the other placements as well.

We considered different ways of trimming the tier list, and this is the most practical solution without losing too much information. We for instance did consider trimming away the bottom 2 tiers, but that simply had too much subjectivity in terms of whether a unit should appear on the tier list or not. This approach is not only fully factual and pretty much black and white; it also at the very least retains sufficient information to work within the case in which a player wishes to use their favorites.


Oh, you mean THAT list. That’s not operative, I can’t use that. If I can’t search the name, I can’t even try. I have a learning problem, my sight gets confused when there are too many items one next to the other. When I go to a library I can’t see which book is each one, it’s kind of overwhelming. In home I memorize where I put those things because looking for them makes my mind very fuzzy.

Those lists with a lot of faces, completely useless for me, I can look at them for hours without actually seeing any character at all. I need to be able to write the name in the search bar.

EDIT: Reading long comments is kind of a problem for me, particularly when people don’t use paragraphs properly. I need a lot of separations to keep my sight in line with the text.

The search function on the tier list seems to be completely broken. I will try to get the technical staff to fix it by this update. :ak_nervous: