Not bad :3 (near perfect Mewtwo)

(yep, I’m not dead)

And Gabite is only 8 candies away from evolving!!


That is a nice one indeed!

Woohoo! :grin:

For me, that is the most important news.

Congrats on your Mewtwo!

Yep :3 (thanks)

I’ve decided to see a counselor not too long ago and it helped clear my head

Great to hear you are feeling better :+1: :+1: :+1:

Well… It’s as best as I can do. I’m still worried about my grandma, but I’ve heard that she’s in better health than what everyone originally thought. She’s still gonna need surgery, but it looks like she might be able to hold onto life :3


Regarding your grandma, just remember:

  1. Spend time with her while she is still alive.
  2. Nobody lives forever, but some people fight to live longer and make the most from their lives.
  3. She would want you to make the most from your live, not to cut it short.

We still remember cheering you on your journey from being afraid of the Rocket leaders, to beating them and even Gionvanni, then writing a fanfic on it!


Nice! I have a 13/15/15 ShadowStrike variant that I use in Master League - it’s a bit of a beast!

Shadow ball and psystrike?

The two moves together are a bit redundant, and in masters, focus blast or flamethrowers generally the better second move with psystrike, the only match shadow ball is better for is the mirror, as two psystrikes kO’s giratina and flamethrower also deals with metagross and is better aagaisnt the other steel types (aside from heatran and 1-1s dialga who you can beat with pure psystrike)