Not Late To This (Ninja) Festival! (N!Shamir +10 Showcase)

Hi folks, resident Shamir lover Veritas here with another post! If you’ve seen the Ephemera line-up for this month, you’ll know exactly what this is all about.
I was very excited when Shamir got not only an alt, but one that was for free! I didn’t need to spend a bunch of orbs trying to get all the copies for my project especially since I was saving at the time.
Unfortunately, she was a F2P axe infantry with no PRF and… yeah. Like a lot of people I had max-merged and invested into Ninja Hana for various purposes, and I thought for a long time whether or not I wanted to go fully invest into a unit that does pretty much the exact same thing.
Then I remembered… I love Shamir! And I will do anything for her. So that made that decision easy. Add some surprise Ascendent heroes I didn’t expect to get and I had a surplus of both Florets and Trait Fruit, and a lot of fodder to treat her well.
Anyway, to cut to the chase… she’s pretty much done, spare some competitive Infantry Dragonflowers.

She’s got a couple of different builds depending on if I want her to be a bit more mixed (like my N!Hana) or a fully PP powerhouse, both roles that she excels in!

Thanks for checking out my post! I hope you have a great day.


Another great looking Shamir, Veritas! :catclap:


I dood it too. Dunno what to do with her though