Not Saizo the 5th (POLL) (And flex sorta)

Okay, that was dumb, I know
But anyway now that you’re here I have a question

I have the sufficient fodder for this build, he already has Tropical Treats and the rally, he would need FB4 and Mystic Boost, both of which I have available to fodder. Initially I was planning to give him Splashy Bucket, but I never happened to get one and I think I’ll just make do without it. Anyway, how does this look? How would you improve it? And of course, ought I to do it?

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It’s a good idea to inherit these things for sure!

However, I think that if you’re getting FB4 from Mareeta, you should get NFU as well, and Panic Smoke if you’re foddering off Thrasir.

The thing is, if you’re using Splashy Bucket, you don’t need the adaptive damage resist from MB, so you can run NFU in his B slot instead.

Although Swift Stance seems iffy given that his enemy phase will be questionable, so maybe Brazen Atk/Def/Res should patch up his offense and help out one of his defensive stats (seeing as he has high enough spd to double with a buff).

So do it! Seems like a fun idea.


Having an EP Kaze could be refreshing even if I would be more prone to do a dual phase.
There is always the special dilemma though, but Iceberg bomb every fight is always nice!


I think MB is here also for the after fight regen, it replace any healing special. Like he’ll bait magical threats and with his potential 40+4(S slot)+4(weapon)+6(buff) = 52 res, he shouldn’t take a lot of damage, and the few he’ll take will be healed right off the bat by MB!

He doesn’t have a lot of atk (even if 58 with buff is still respectable) but with iceberg and FB4, he’ll launch an iceberg every 2nd attack (I start from the principle he have more spd than the ennemy so he’ll double and not the ennemy) and a 26 bonus damage iceberg give hime a good punch vs magicals units that often have an average to low def. And that’s without counting the 5 true damage of FB4. And thoses true damage will come handy vs the bulkiest ones/dragons


Hmm, yeah…

The sustain is useful, I suppose.

Although it feels a tad bit redundant to run Splashy Bucket and MB, to me at least.

And FB4 and his Iceberg bombs do help out quite a bit.

Of course, I’ll kill S!Ylgr first :birbpeek:
I have no Splashy Bucket @Tac_Tacc so I was just going to run this weapon instead. (Or Barb with Glacies.) Mystic Boost also has the HP recovery which would help him sustain. If I ever do get a Bucket I’ll throw him Desperation though. (No 4* Shannas rn :elisad:)
The S can definitely be changed, I kinda just threw it in there and it looked good
Yeah, the point is to compensate for his low Atk without sacrificing his solid Res and high Spd. Currently he has LnD but I want to give him some more flashy skills to make him special, he’s one of my favorite characters after all :birbpeek:


He wanted to but don’t have the fodders, that’s why he gave him tropical treats+ (bye Gunnthra :feh_rein:)


Tbh I just didn’t know who to fodder her to, it ended up being Kaze because I felt he would use it best, don’t regret it at all :upside_down_face:
Sawtuis is proud of me


Hmm, that’s fair!

I feel the exact same way about my favorite characters, too!

That’s why I’m considered very reckless with foddering units.

Just look at my Yune.

I could have easily ran a budget set on her.



I did it :upside_down_face:
I’m proud of my boi
Edit: Oh I just gave him flowers too

Yes all of them at once :royyes:

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Nice. What a legend.:royyes:

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I only have one more to merge rn though :elisad:

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It’s alright.

You got the Flowers, though! :excidunn:

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