Not serious Ideas: Purely Greedy Game Changes

So for pure fun… if you were able to make 1 completely greedy change to pokemon go that would improve your game play even if made others worse or was a waste of developer time to try and code what would it be.

Take this as non-serious changes just for you. So no need to critique, just try and come up with a better one…

I’ll start with an easy one though I’m sure I’ll steal someone’s elses better idea… but the one that prompted thais thead was how many times I hit Ancient Power against the T5 boss this week… Then was like UGGGHHH I meant to hit avalanche but im so mindless smashing rock from Rhyperiors… So I want to be able to disable a charge move showing up.

I would like a power down button. I just hate when you get a perfect IV pokemon for PVP that is above the CP threshold.


I’d like to see the raid rewards based on the number of players, and the total CP of the mon they use. The fewer players, the lower total CP, the better rewards. This can attract people to do shortman raids again, offer more reason of doing low tier raids, and give some motivation in raising low CP mon out of PvP usage.
I personally do low tier raids only with CP 1500- mon, a lot more interesting than wrecking them with CP 3000+ mon.


I’d like a “team spirit” boost, a bit like you get on football games where the more familiar the players are, the better they work together. So the longer you work with your designated teams the more damage they do.

It would encourage/reward team building rather than simply going with auto select and also would make it worthwhile fighting, say, a t5 and failing by a slim margin because the team spirit gain might be enough to get a win next time. I’d tie it in with @Elastic_Space idea above.


Getting XP when the Pokémon jumps out of the ball, also based on the throw… so landing 10 excellent throws would reward you something even if the Pokémon stays in the crappy throw.


more stats in the game, I want to see who is doing the most damage In raids and those doing the most damage should get best rewards and those who are not doing much should be scaled down vs the top.

Also An option to remove Pokémon from a gym so I can collect coins without waiting for somebody to knock it out.


1000 Stardust every time I bother to kick a fully-motivated Blissey, Chansey, Snorlax, Wobbuffet, Drifblim, or Slaking out of a gym.


I would love a system where rewards for raids are based on damage. It may even push me to power up some shadows and even raid a mega… I

PVE needs some care, it has been neglected for a long time.


I’m also going to jump on the bandwagon for wanting an improved raid system that better rewards players who deal more individual damage. The individual with an optimized team of powered-up top-tier counters, in my opinion, should get better/more rewards than the person who’s using the recommended team that’s filled with lvl 20 Aggron, Lugia, and other assorted tanky Mons. I’m all for a system that rewards people for doing well and also provides incentives for others to improve.

While I’m dreaming, I’d also love to see a gym system that isn’t entirely dull (what we currently have) but also isn’t a return to the 10-deep “oops, all Blissey!” gyms of yesteryear. It would be a great game update if gyms were more dynamic, worthwhile, and fun!


Being able to disable the purify button. And make every spotlight a different pika with a hat :)


I’d want code written in that I’d never get matched up against a Swampert in pvp. Having access to 2 of the strongest moves while getting to them so quickly and only having 1 weakness is poops mcgee.

I want an Excellent Curveball to be an Automatic Catch. I don’t care what kind of ball I’m using, or what berries I’m using, if I hit an Excellent throw on a spazzing Shadow Zubat or if I hit an Excellent Throw on an XL Sized Snorlax which is standing 10 yards back of a normal Snorlax (and yes, the larger ones sit back farther than the normal or small Snorlax THIS IS MY HEADCANNON WHY CAN’T ALL SNORLAX BE SLEEPING SNORLAX??? …)

Actually, strike that. I want all Snorlax to be Sleeping Snorlax.


I’ve often wondered why they didn’t introduce at least a streak based catch boost
Hit 10 Excellents, or 7 Excellent Curves in a row… autocatch

Here’s some other random tidbits
The toggle that allows you to mass delete legendaries should apply to luckies

I’d like inventory management controls so I can set Great Balls at zero and they autodelete

Or Id like to be able to set what ball the Go Plus uses

I’d like “Critical Wins” added where you win by a lot so get extra reward or wins in pvp.

I’d where you can pick 1 pokemon to avoid as opposing lead ((Think of it as … you saw them send out their lead so you never challenged them) . Other team could still have it in slot2/3 just not as lead

I’d make “Large” Gyms/Stops and “Extra Large” Gyms/Stops. If no other gym within 10 miles, the gym holds 2* (large), within 20 miles the gym holds 3*. Same idea for stops on items. To prevent obnoxious berrying only the last 6 pokemon in can be berried.


ULTRA CLASSIC! XL Pokémon have ruined the ultra league.

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Sadly, I think you’re right. Going to be the same as it is with ML pretty soon. Going to have too many leagues to pick from and lobby wait times are going to get looooong…

After doing my best to farm Ray XL candy I’ve decided I want another change. It’s two pronged but comes from remote raiding:

  1. A way to reward/thank people who stay in the lobby and help you beat the raid. Maybe I could send them some coins or even just a screen notification that said “thanks, well done” like my raid chat groups do.

  2. A notification that goes out after you’ve beaten it to anyone who bailed saying “look what you could have won”. Or even better a “raid cam” where any invitees who bailed can watch what they’ve left.

Ray is just so easy, I’d argue 3rd in a list behind Deoxys A and Moltres. The number of people who bail on lobbies with 4 or 5 people in amazes me, seriously have none of these people a handful of cloyster and glaceon? Conversely, good on the players (many of whom seem to be lower level) who trust their teams and stay on and beat it. One of my regular random players who invites me is a L39 player with a L33 friend and they’re fielding much better teams than most L40+ players.

Aside from the slightly smug sense of self-satisfaction, I’d like to think it might actually show some of the auto-select crowd that T5 raids don’t need 6 L50 players.



I’ve often thought Luckies should be retradable WITHOUT a reroll.
That should be part of what makes them lucky

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An option to forgo the 2 minute countdown timer on raids. My gang is all in, great, thanks, start the raid. Especially in the dead of winter.


Honestly, a “ready” button would be great for private lobbies. Remote invites are so glitchy and hard to connect; I’m tired of backing out because somebody’s invite didn’t work. And conversely sitting around for a full two minutes during a solo or duo.