Not sure what to do with 2 V!Ike's

Hey! Long time poster, first time lurker here!
Anyway, story time! During the 5-star special hero summon, I thought “hey! I should let my Mom and sister choose the orb!” They usually have better luck than me, so I called them over and three red orbs show up- left, bottom left and bottom right. My mom picks bottom right, my sister picks bottom left. So I decide, since bottom left has always been bad luck, I went with bottom right. What do I get? V!Ike +Atk/-Res. Wow! That’s great! Can’t complain.

Fast Forward to about an hour ago and the Greil’s Devoted rerun is here so I do my free pull, what shows up? That’s right 3 red orbs, left, bottom left and bottom right. So I think to myself, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I got another V!Ike off of the bottom right orb again?” So I go ahead and do so. Lo and behold, I get a +Spd/-HP V!Ike. Of course, I couldn’t be happier with this, but now I have a dilemma.

Do I fodder one and keep the other? Do I merge them? Fodder both??? I don’t know. I don’t really need to fodder him to anyone at the moment, but he has Heart’s Sword, Distant Counter and Special Fighter all amazing fodder. I also have Duo Hector which I gave bold fighter to, so I don’t REALLY need a second Sword Armor. Yes, I know V!Ike is very different being speedy and all that, but I thought it was worth mentioning for more context.
Soo. Help?
Tldr: 2 V!Ike wat do?


If you use armored units then DC + Special Fighter can be good. If not then DC + Heart’s Blade is also nice.


Solid IVs on both. :eyes:

If no one really needs the fodder at the moment, I’d see if the merge would really make that big of a difference. -Res and -HP aren’t Banes that desperately require fixing, so he should serve fine even unmerged. If he works fine, keep the other for when his fodder is needed. If he’s really fun and you’re certain you’ll be using him/ he needs the boost from that merge though, merge away. :feh_ikestare:

And welcome amongst us. Hope you enjoy yourself. :feh_legion:


Thing is, v!Ike is one of the best armored units, and I think with his stats, you can even use him outside of armored teams.

I’d consider a +SpD merged v!Ike unless you have another armored unit that you’d prefer having DC and special fighter, such as H!myrrh

(Also, welcome to GP!)

Welcome, and congrats on the great IVs! I pulled two V!Ikes recently and only got +Res/-Def and +Atk/-Spd IVs, envious of the IVs you got. I merged them into +Atk and didn’t keep any for fodder, although DC + Special Fighter is amazing fodder and both of yours have amazing IVs.

I say keep 'em both for now, try one out unmerged, see if “you…like (V!)Ike?” and then decide if he’s worth a merge and further frequent usage going forward, or he’s good enough as-is and fodder off the second one. He is a great choice for a sword armor (or even generally as a sword unit outside of armor teams) because of exclusive Radiant Aether access, a unique/high stat spread and a fantastic base kit. He may not need a merge to perform well.

I pulled hard for V!Ike last year just to do:


If you have a unit you like with fairly average stats all around I would recommend something similar.

In short, I choose the :feh_inherit: option.