Not Worth it?

I am in need of electric attackers but am not sure this is worth it. Shadow Raikou 12 atk 1 def 1 hp. 20k to purify. He would be my first Raikou.


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A 14/3/3 Raikou isn’t really worth all the resources you’d need to spend to Purify it, and not worth powering up after you did purify it.

If you’re really, REALLY in need of an Electric attacker, Shinx is in 1 Star raids while Electabuzz and Magneton are both in 2 Star Raids (So should be solable for trainers who can beat the Team Rocket team leaders) and any would be more economical to power up. (Or evolve, in the case of Shinx) And if you can catch a decent Eevee (after this event ends, Eevee’s will probably start spamming - pardon me, spawning - again) and you haven’t used the Name Trick yet (ie: the first one you name “Sparky” will evolve to a Jolteon. It works for all 5 Eevolutions, but I don’t remember the rest off the top of my head) you can evolve a Jolteon, and get a very good Electric attacker for a very low price (25 candies).

But a 14/3/3 Raikou? I would only Purify it so that I could trade it to someone else, and hope they got better luck with it than I did.


Electivire is to Raikou, like the Kingler is to Kyogre. So an Electivire is a cheap option for Raikou (stronger but glassy). Personally I wouldn’t level up a Raikou because I rather use the rare candies for Zekrom, which is supposed to be better than the former one(maybe Raikou could shine against ice moves bosses like Blizzard Kyogre). After Electivire Magnezone is the better option(it can surpasse it in some scenarios thanks for its resistances), and I don’t think other electric mons are currently worth considered for pve.

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I agree with previous commenters that it’s not worth it for the candy and dust costs. Not only will Zekrom arrive in a few months as mentioned, the rest of the Nature of Force trio - Thundrus and Landorus, are not weak to Electric. So not much need to use rare candies to build an Electric pokemon at least for PVE right now.

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Definitely not worth purifying and powering up that Raikou. Elective, Magnezone, and Luxray will server just fine as electric attackers and are far easier to get.

Agree with the others; not worth purifying. Reasons - if not already mentioned before:

  • IV is low
  • Requires a load of rare candy to get up
  • Zekrom - which is probably showing up after Thundurus and possibly Landorus - outclasses it in DPS and TDO

I don’t know how long you’ve been playing. If not long, then you might want to take the candy you have in consideration too. Some top tier options:

  • Elekid (hatched from 7km’s, or Electabuzz raids. Top tier DPS, but fragile)
  • Shinx (from raids - candy may take a while to get. High tier DPS, but fragile)
  • Magnemite (wild, or Magneton raids. I highly recommend this one. Top tier DPS, 11 resistances)

Some lower tier but also common options:

  • Jolteon (a random evolve from Eevee. Naming your eevee Sparky will evolve you a guaranteed Jolteon, this works only once though)
  • Alolan Golem
  • Manectric
  • (Alolan) Raichu

Good luck


Plus if @ChiefooHD is looking for something to be raid-worthy quick, weath-boosted options are good. There were a bunch of Flaafy spawning for the past few days, evolve one of those and you should get a Shinx-level electric type. Next best option is Jolteon. Easier to find weather-boosted Eevee than electric-types in my experience. If you’re lucky enough to find a good level A-Geodude/Golem, that will be even better vs the genies.

Magnezone is a better investment. I can see it being the most useful in the future when zekrom is released and takes over as best electric type. Magnezone has 12 resistences (2x to poison type) to work with and is outputing damage comparable to the current top tier electric types.