Notes: Chandelure checks around half of the current T3 raid pool

To put short, Cacturne, Alolan Raichu, Scyther, Pinsir, Porygon, Espeon, Piloswine, Skarmory, Medicham and Ferroseed are all checked by either Fire or Ghost Chandelure.

Pinsir even has its entire moveset walled apart by quad resistances like Registeel.

If you want to flex a Chandelure and grind T3s, this is your chance; The T3s give Rare Candies and TMs on near-consistent rates unlike T5s.

You’re guaranteed a Charged TM in T3 raids this week. I’ve done loads this morning - 8 or 9 - which is highly unusual so they must have bumped up the number of T3’s. Almost every one gave me one or two Fast TMs too and like you say, the number of rare candies has been higher too - I got 9 (believe it or not!) from a single T3 raid!

I’m going to have to invest in more passes this week, because this is too good to miss…

Utter nonsense. You already know that, I write it for other readers that don’t know the gimmick yet.

Exception for the ongoing supereffective week of course.


Yes, but to that end you would need a Chandelure with 3 moves and constantly TM the fast move to adapt to your tagret. If you are swimming in those resources, ok dot it. Otherwise it’s more reasonable to just use specialised counters for each raids. They are really common.

Side note: what is Porygon doing in that list? :smile:

I won a Porygon raid with a single level 35 Garchomp today and I’m still not sure why or how… :slight_smile:

Perhaps because Garchomp has 3x resistance to Electric attacks like Charge Beam?

That’s the whole theme of this week - Supereffective week.

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I think it’s possible that Porygon is so weak Fire Chandelure can kill it with only neutral damage. See @TeamAaron123 's post.

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I don’t do T3 often, is 4 maxed Kyogre enough to beat Onix? Especially if the shiny only has 12a? Joking aside, I bothered to look at Pokebattler for the first time in ages to actually think/plan and Skarmory is interesting. Often windy here, now wondering how that affects possibilities. I have only 85 litwick candy, but maxed near perfect Zapdos and Raikou and maxed perfect Magnezone. My maxed Moltres is Sky Attack, my other Moltres is level 37. Seems worth a try/challenge.

I have 2 Chandelures maxed already, each with a different moveset.

Definitely. I have done it with a level 30 Kyogre, a maxed Gyarados and a level 30 Gyarados. The increase in SE/NVE multiplier made Tier 3 raids much easier.

I did it in 1 Simisage and 1 Sceptile. (With Sun Boost, not sure if it’s possible without but I think it’s a “Yes”)

Ok, then they are two different pokémon. It’s the same thing as having a ghost Chandelure and a fire Blaziken. It’s not really about


Ok this is really nitpicking here, sorry about that.

Vs RT/SE 1 maxed Kyogre took about 75% HP in PC weather. So i think vs weaker moveset and some luck, Kyogre can solo him. In rainy, its Kyogres food.

Actually Milotic can as well.

Here in Tokyo the day after the evolution event ended - looks like the rewards table has switched to give more rare candies in T3s and T4s compared to T5s. Several high level players (including youtubers) have confirmed this. Also, I’ve been duoing hard on Tyranitars today. I did 4 raids and every single time I got either 1 or 2 tms, 3-8 rare candies or both. During this time I did a Terrakion for the hell of it and got none of these. You’re now currently better of soloing T3s or duoing T4s if you’re grinding for candies and TMs, no doubt about it.

My post was 21 days ago, long before evolution event, and replying to a post talking about the usual rewards until that moment. Things have changed since.

Fair enough. Noted