Noticing way more crashes and slowdowns recently (NA)

I’m not sure when exactly, but within the past month or so I’ve noticed my game chugging really hard in strange places. Like I’ll get lag during dialog displaying; a one to two second pause as the words get typed out. That used to be rare, but now it happens at least twice during every conversation. Also, it happens in combat of course, but it’s been getting really choppy recently. And when I switch to a different app and come back to FGO, there will be a MASSIVE slowdown from anywhere between 10 and 45 seconds, depending on how long I was away from FGO.

The crashing has gotten significantly worse within this Valentine’s Day event. It used to almost never happen, but now it’s happening at the end of fights, while I’m loading into fights, and even switching menus.

I could just chalk it up to my phone getting older (it’s an Android Samsung Galaxy J3 6) but my brother uses an iphone and has said it’s gotten worse recently for him as well. I’m starting to think the game software is outstripping the hardware here. I’ve done a few tricks to get my phone to run faster but they don’t help FGO.

I hope this is on someone’s radar to get addressed, because at this rate the game will be unplayable for me by summer.

NA or JP?

NA, sorry.


It’s probably your phone, I’d look it up and the model seemed to be ranging from 1.5-2 GB of ram.

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What does FGO typically like to have ram-wise?

At least 2GB


That sucks. As no new phone is in my future, I guess I’ll just watch my game slowly get worse and worse with each patch. I suppose it can’t be helped…


Actually, the game has been getting better for me. It used to be that if the app was open too long it would start loosing random graphic layers. Sometimes I could barely run 3 quests before I needed to restart the app. But at least since Christmas that problem completely disappeared on my device and I can leave the app running for days without issues.

However on hubby’s ios device, it still randomly crashed at least a couple of times a day. So definitely device dependent on how well it works.

Not there yet, its 1 right now, the 1.5 requirement hasn’t happened yet I think but itll be here soo so I think it’s safe to say that’s where the game is at atm. And in a few years 2 will be the minimum to run the game.

I know some relatively cheap phones with 4 GBs of RAM if you would like some suggestions for the future. Dont even need to get ride of your old one, I currently am using 2 phones, one for FGO and other games, the other for communicating.

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I’ve noticed the same issues with dialogues but it only started in the Valentines event and it only happened with the ones that involved giving/receiving. It might go away when the event ends.

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As what @Kamiyoda said before, there are some cheap smartphones with better specs rn. Pretty sure if you sell your old one you can buy them if you have some serious financial issue that is or you can just buy them.

Unless it’s another matter like your parents not allowing you to get a new phone or smth.

Though my phone is not having a problem my Nox for my alt account is not good at all. FGO keeps crashing every now and then it’s kind of tiring to farm on my alt acc.

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The game seems worse for me since new year on iPhone SE.
It usually takes 30 seconds or longer to switch menus (example: open summon banner, or enhancement, …) and frequently 2+ minutes to load the battle.
The dialog is also laggy.
But at least, it doesn’t crash frequently; a few times in an event.

I don’t think it’s just RAM. I’ve also been seeing quite a lot of slowness, particularly during dialogue screens. Also long load times. Oddly, very little slowness in fights. And my phone has 6 GB of RAM

What’s your Processor like?

2.8 GHz quad core. It’s a Snapdragon 845. We’re only up to 855, I think

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Huh, yeah I have a 835, I really dont k ow what to tell ya, that’s weird.

It’s not your phone if you’re talking about the text thingy

Crashes, slow combat etc. are likely due to your phone however, haven’t noticed anything about that. Though it might be related to the conversation delay bug.

Will suggest you to email the support, with all the issues you’re having and mention that it started after Valentine if that is the case.

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Samsung Galaxy S20: Snapdragon 865

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That phone’s not even out. So I’m sticking with we’re only at 855. For now at least

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