Nott a Pathfinder Challenge; Practice Session for AR O

So it has been a few days that Nott was released into the game, and people had been a prick trying to shoehorn her into their teams. This thread is meant to be a compilation of all the maps that contain Nott in the GP Community. To give people time to prepare for the challenge, I will stop receiving submissions that are after 2021-06-12T07:00:00Z

I will have 2 types of participants for this challenge:

Offense Challenge

Submit your FEH FC. Simple as that. You will be receiving a whole bunch of friend requests that are official pricks, and you may attempt all the maps at your own time. To maximize the number of people who can practice on the maps, please delete the newly added friends once you are done practicing to reduce the number of friend slots required on the defenders.

Participant List
  • 9640666565
  • 3256668578
  • 1328464076
  • 3689775239
  • 5113302943
  • 3573622241
  • 3634946666
  • 8573146487
  • 4687444942
  • 1221808895
  • 4566762717

Defense Submission

You do not need to submit your FC for this portion of the challenge. Check back in this thread after the deadline for all the participants who are interested in the challenge. Please ensure that you have sufficient space in your friend list (about 10 should suffice). I will also trust that you already created a team that uses Nott as that was the whole point of the exercise.

Participant List
  • Takuya
  • Squalala
  • Maskilraid 火
  • Halohedgehog
  • Dispatching
  • Fi
  • Tandor
  • TMFM
  • Ani
  • Jab
  • Issuls 火


  • Registration is done on the Google Form CLICK HERE!
  • The FC of the offense participants will be provided in this thread. Defense contributors will send their friend requests according to the FC in this thread.
  • If you wish, you can participate in both sections! Just follow the form accordingly.

I hope that this challenge gives people more opportunities to get comfortable with the new Pathfinder mechanics. Test out different teams, and know your team’s strengths and weaknesses to this archetype. Feel free to have a discussion about all the maps that are in this challenge in this thread.


By the way, you may participate even if you sucked in AR, as long as you keep an open mind and be prepared to get your ass kicked. :catdestroy:


I’m expecting this to be absolute suffering on account of me being an idiot, so I’ll have to think over whether I wanna participate or not in the morning, but this is a cool idea and I hope people get something out of it.


I just faced a pretty impressive Nott team that used a Far Save Bold Fighter WFelix, HCatria, L Sigurd and a Near Save DuoHector. They all had overlapping ranges so there was no safe spot to bait them from. I’m glad to see my initial idea of HCatria bumping the save ball team can actually work. Time to build WFelix I guess.


I registered !

I hope you’ll “enjoy” facing my 2 Nott cavline. I’m also curious to see how many defenses my Edelgard + Flayn offense will be able to cheese.


I will be attempting the challenge on the Sunday stream, and yes, my map will be part of the line-up. :catdance:

Well my half assed map will probably get wrecked considering it doesn’t have the super good stuff like legendary Sigurd or Lilina, but what the hell. Ain’t got nothing to lose.

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I feel like it’d make more sense to have the Defense people drop their FC (along with a short description maybe) tbh, but I like the idea.

I’ll drop my wonky defense in there too when it’s time I guess. It won’t be the best one, but it’ll be interesting to see how it gets beaten.

The whole point is to make it as though it simulates the actual experience; you do not know what you will be facing in an actual mode. The difference is that, unlike normal AR where you only play a couple a day, you essentially get a huge amount of maps to hone your skills.

After this event, I will create a map repository for everyone if the responses to this are good. :feh_morganagrom:

I don’t have them either, but I do made it work somehow. :catroll:

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Well it did manage to kill 4 enemies in an attack earlier, probably would have been 5 if I had leveled that second Nott. But ofc lift loss control had to be active anyway so it didn’t matter, couldn’t have been active for the one I actually lost. Noo, can’t have that :feh_lynstare:

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I definitely want to do this, but I don’t have a working light team anymore, so I’ll have to skip offense until I sort things out.

Having my defense bullied is fine by me though, I need more data.

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I’m an avid Auto-Dispatcher so not much point in signing up for ARO, but if I remember I’ll check back in come defense time.

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Wait shit did I sign up for the AR-O part because I ain’t interested in that, just having my AR-D tested

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If you answrred “no” to the offense question you’re fine

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I honestly forget :feh_tooobin:

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If someone holds my hand and gives me some suggestions for viable t21 tier for a team without Dagr I’ll be happy to participate in offense.

Fallen Celica made me worse at AR-O, she’s too strong.

Dagr wasn’t necessary before, she isn’t necessary now. Eir and Peony are more than enough if you know what you’re doing.

if you know what you’re doing.

I don’t after F!Celica murdered everything for so long lol. Nah, I’m taking my time and making dedicated teams now.

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Fallen Celica is still pretty strong to be fair. I use Brave Celica and she still beats Nott most of the time. :catwave: