Nov 2019 Mythic Banner Predictions

I usually like to make predictions, and found this month to be on the easier side. Here’s my list:

Marth (L), Sothis (M), Flora (SfP)

Fjorm (L), Julia (L), Tiki (L)

Lyn (L), Hel (M), Yarne

Duma (M), Fjorm (Bridal), Genny (SfP)


  1. I put in Flora for red. While I get that Lif is greatly expected, their other seasonal choice is much harder to make. I am believing Hel will go this month with Lif coming in January. There’s a bunch of blue seasonals that need their rerun, and since this is a 0 blue seasonal month as all 3 slots are already locked in from existing notations, I almost feel they have to put Flora in this month UNLESS they will dive into the Summer Refreshes selection which would have to start with Laevatein. Which I don’t see as a highly possible option. They’d miss an easy opportunity to clear red out. I also don’t see them putting Lif in Green or colorless, so it made sense based on what we have available.

  2. Blue is locked in from previous notifications. End of story.

  3. Hel - seems likely the mythic is green/colorless this month (to me), and why not since she’s been defeated in the story. Easy way to push her into the (likely Astra) mythic state. To round out green, would be Yarne. He is next in line of heroes in the ‘recently released’ heroes. If not Yarne, then Eldegard. Pretty much a coin flip.

  4. Finally colorless. To finish off the picnic banner would need to be Genny. Then the following is Bridal. Since 2 are blue and the other is red, Fjorm is the most likely here if they do 3 seasonals. If they drop to 2 seasonals this month, then replace her with Claude as the next colorless hero to run. I don’t think they will drop the seasonals down, but have that noted as an alternative.

I do think Hel is more likely this month than Lif. Red seems like it would be too good to be true if Lif rounded that out, so why not something enticing to green at least.


Personally I find Líf to be more likely.
Hel should be Dark, since Hel and Eir being on opposing sides just makes too much sense.

But that’s just me :feh_birbpeek:


Lif is probably going to be the Astra Mythic and he’s going to come earlier than Hel.


We already had Picnic Genny on Thrasir’s banner


Is it time for brides finally?


I don’t have enough orbs for Pent :elisad:
I don’t have a good carry unit that can use Pulse Smoke yet though, I still need to finish my Vantage teams :legion:
Also this month’s blues are already full

I have an okay amount

But I doubt we’ll see Pent till January at least since they still haven’t done Picnic Lukas and they’ll probably do Tanith first even though we have Valentian Catria now

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You may want to recheck your colorless prediction. Genny already had her run.

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Considering all of these banners coming out that greatly tempt me to spend orbs with something i really want/need, he probably will be Astra (or just offense blessed in general).

Hell, he’ll probably be the atk boosting offense mythic i’ve been waiting so long for just to make me literally need to summon.

There’s one reason and one reason alone Lif will be on the banner:

IS wants Duo Ephraim and Lif to be on banners at the exact same time.

If Lif were a mythic hero - particularly an Astra hero - I can’t even imagine the number of people who would wake up and summon both of them if they haven’t already.

Since this move would make more money than releasing Hel, I say Hel gets released on a normal banner later on, like Surtr did.

I just can’t imagine IS not making duo Ephraim into a meta unit. I cannot fathom that he doesn’t have a home yet - not really. IS will give him a home. They need to give him a home to justify this whole duo hero thing. It is absolute failure on IS’s business strategy to release Hel this month.

Wasn’t she already on a Banner??


She was on Thrasir’s banner.

I did miss it, whoops. I think both Claude and Bridal Fjorm, and we will likely only see 2 seasonals. Their is the possibily of Summer Refreshes Laevatein in green for 3, but will have to see. I feel like Yarne might get the nod.


I know you like D! Ephraim and he is a great unit, but I don’t see this has anything to do with him, or am i missing something?

But red would be super stacked with Marth, Sothis and Lif - which seems odd by all standards as there’s always been less desired characters included in that color to rub salt on our wounds when we fail to get the newest unit. Which is why I feel green is candidate here since Lyn is there who already has a bad reputation as a legendary hero. As opposed to the “release like Surtr” route, this seems unlikely. It would be odd to have both Lif and Thrasir as mythics, but Hel as an ordinary hero. It’d be like if Laevatein and Laegarn were legendaries and Surtr was a normal hero. They all released as normal heroes which is fine. But given Thrasir’s precedence, I feel both Lif and Hel would be mythics. Now it could be Lif this month - I acknowledge that, but I do still see Hel coming in January then. To me, it fits more to have a green this month, and a red in January.

Red I’m already sold on, wouldn’t mind Marth merges, or Sothis merges and if it’s Flora, great, I need Attack/speed AR skill. If it’s Lif, another bonus. There’s a bunch of reds it could be from the backlog I’d be fine with as well. So red will be my primary focus regardless. Colorless will likely be the back up, or maybe even green to get a second Astra hero (seems more likely than light). Hel would be more likely to fit Astra with Lif as Light.

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If Hel and Flora are on this banner together i will rip my soul from my body, sell it to Satan and then buy so many orb i +10 both of them.

And if i fail i’ll sell a kidney.
And other organs if necessary.



So it can be (IMO)
Red: L!Marth, Sothis, Lif/Idoun
Blue: All ready stacked
Green: L!Lyn, Yarne. S!Laevatein/Hel
Colorless: Duma, Claude, B!Fjorm

Lif seems more likely since IS waited like more than a month to release Thrasir as a Mythic after her chapter was finished and Lif’s chapter finished almost a month ago from now.
Also it seems odd to release Hel before Lif and especially this early.


Why are you all expecting Three Houses units when we haven’t finished the fallen banner yet?
By the way, we still need picnic Lukas and Fiora before the summer banners
So with this kind of set-up, I expect
Red - Lif (can’t wait to be pitybroken by Marth twice now)
Blue - throw out Julia since she was the second most recent legendary and put Fallen Berkut/Picnic Lukas instead
Green - …
These were dark times for green 5-stars
Yarne and Summer Laevatein it is.
Colorless - Bridal Fjorm and-
…they don’t include demoted units in these, don’t they?
Well, it can be either Summer Gunnthra or Claude, depending on the blue units’ outcome.
After deep thinking, now I understand why people think some lesser-probable units are going to appear.

Alright. I’ll whale for this. I’m doing this for YOU, my best buddy, Hel!! >:D

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