November Contest and Giveaway

Our theme for November is Giving Back! For our Contest we want you to show us how you give back to your community. This can be volunteering at a food shelter, picking up trash at your local park, organizing a clothing drive! You name it we want to see it! The GamePress Wizards Unite team will pick one winner. This month the prize is the Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar. We want you to have something fun to do during December, and who doesn’t love putting together Legos? Just like last month the winner will also receive a $10 gift card of their choice for iTunes or Google Play. The giveaway will run the same as last month! You can submit your entries on our discord server, on our community forums, respond to our pinned tweet on twitter, tag us in your tweet, or reply on reddit. We look forward to seeing how you give back to your community this month! As always if you have any questions or suggestions for future contests and giveaways let us know, we would love to hear them.

-GamePress Wizards Unite Team

Can I still join the contest and giveaway if I’m not based in the U.S.?

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Absolutely! anyone can join! :smiley: Sorry for the delay in response!