Now I need a stinking Brave Camilla counter!

What is it with big boobed flying thots that I’m having trouble with!?


  • Warding Stance 4
  • Null C-disrupt
  • The fully upgrarded Stance 3

Camilla CAN kill Female Robin, so I guess I’ll ■■■■■■■ use an Archer, since you all want me to do that, but look, I HAVE NO FALLEN BERKUT, NO NAILAH, ONLY 8 COINS, AND NOT ENOUGH GRAILS, TO FOODER OFF AVERSA FOR ODD RES WAVE!! This is what happens when I get “help.” NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN, BECAUSE OF MY BAD SUMMONING LUCK/Saving orbs/Going for a different unit right now.

If you don’t have a close counter fodder, maybe play it through unit positioning? I can give an average advice on how to plow through AR (I mainly use L!Roy and V!Mist core, but I can challenge myself tho)

I don’t have the same units you do, the same skills, or anything.

How can you possibly help me?

Well, if I can get the gist of your units, then it’s the matter of strategizing them. I think you have a better team than I have (Odin for example), I think you just have to maximize their potential via smart play or positioning.

Do you have a replay video? Mind if I can watch your style of play?

I don’t know how to record videos of me doing Aether Raid fights, by capturing the footage on screen. Plus, I hate the sound of my voice on camera.

I have no idea what to do

Also, if I lose ob the recording, everyone will make fun of me

I don’t have a Dazzling Staff counter either :sharenacry:

Not everyone though. I assure you

I sort of do, but… Brave Camilla can kill Female Robin.

I don’t miss those times when I don’t have the counter to it hahaha

In the morning, can you show me how to set up the recording thingy? I’m sorry, but I’m not the mist tech savvy person around.

Even if with resistance buff or boost?

Yep, but I can only help if you’re on Apple. If it’s for android then I need to search the internet first


sorry… Nevermind.


The key to Camilla is to use a resistance tank. You can’t KO her in the enemy phase since you don’t have Null-C-Counter so might as well waste her move and kill her on the player phase.

So yes, Innes is a really good magical tank. My only problem with it is that he gets scrunched up by incoming physical damage.

I hate wasting my turn, though. It’s just a waste of time, especially in Aether raids, when you have 7 turns to Destroy everyone

For arrows and dagger users, as long as they’re all colorless, my Female Robin can kill them easily.

Except Claude. He’s a cheating son of a bitch that’s hard to kill, even with a Wolf Tome. ■■■■ him

If you don’t wanna tank, then outright kill her in the player phase, but I doubt she’ll be that accessible.

Also, I just noticed that she is a bonus unit this season so you can wait it out and try your luck with her next time

Have you tried Bowbreaker?