Now if only I knew how I wanted to build the hungry mage


No CC fodder and even if I did Sothe would provide some competition for it.


Blarowl+ would be a good start as it would give her stats without the recoil damage

What about a blade set with death blow? That’ how I thinking to build mine

She’d be a lot of fun to use with Bold Fighter and Juicy Wave but I’m guessing you probably don’t have the Wave :catdespair:

I’d probably give her an Owl tome to make use of her good bulk or a Blade tome + Bold Fighter to maximize her damage output.

This is my Ilyana right now, except she should have +2 hp and +3 def from the weapon refine
In brazen range she reaches 60 atk, 50 Def, and 52 Res


I was about to say I’m not a big fan of blade tome with an armor cause I don’t really run hone/fortify on the few armors I do use. But it might be good with tactics buffs for when she’s an arena bonus ally. Since my core is Micaiah, B!Micaiah, H!Mia the tactics buffs would be live for Ilyana. :thinking:

I’m curious, are you intending on +10’ing her?

No she’s staying at +1 more than likely until maybe her legendary/Mythic rerun.

If I somehow get two (I only want her to give L’Arachel the tome) I’ll have to do juicy wave and bold fighter.

No juicy wave in my barracks… :sharenacry:

Been saving bikini thot since y2… and glad I did

I’m glad for you giving it to Ilyana at least!

I just can’t :elisad:

I mean… how could I not… she now holds 2 glass’


Use bonds or stance

This is what I am planning to do with her. Though not completely sure what to put as the Support skill and C skill

Ilayana no you’re going to spill it

She’s pouring out all the tears of everyone from this banner