Now that lull atk/res is a thing + banner thoughts

Time to build up a Henry. This effect would be very tasty to stack with his tome. And yes, I’m prioritising Henry over Reinhardt. :feh_reinyes:

Also, I love we’re getting Itsuki as a F2P unit (mainly because he has Chrom as his… persona… stand… idk). He even has a unique weapon from the looks of it. Plz IS, make him good.

I also like that axe unit. Not only are they very defensive, but it seems that Frederick is with her, which pleases me. Must protecc.

Overall, I like this banner. It’s sad I don’t recognise any of the characters. But hey, I love me some Awakening related stuff (Awakening was my first Fire Emblem).


It’s actually Draug that’s with her.


im actually blah with that

mamori and tsubasa have lit af skills though



Fair enough. Proves how much I don’t know about this game. Maybe I should try out Tokyo Mirage… hmmm.

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The banner says both names. The name of the main character (who I forgot) and their voice actor (who I also forgot) and their stands. Hers said Draug and Patrick Seitz.

Didn’t notice that. Thanks!

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The powercreep is real man


Banner thoughts?
Well there’s one thing that caught my eye

That’s… something. It’s like a sweep skill except you can make a follow-up attack
Might be a bit broken
Imagine Darting Blow 4 stacked with Rallies, bonds, whatever you want


Yeah, that could definitely be nasty to deal with,

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Looks amazing I really want to get her. Tbh all of them seem amazing I just don’t want the loli tbh lol