Now that NeroFest is over what's your overall toughts?

From 0 to 10 how much did you enjoy NeroFest?
How was the CE drop rate in your side (both in farming and in gacha)?
Speaking in gacha, did you role for anything in the nero banner? and if so did the gacha treat you well ?

Just curious to see the overall opinion of the community.

9/10 really enjoy the event, but now my eyes is hurt haha, 117 boxes is my limit
About the CE drop, luckily i get my 2nd MLB, so i can bring Chaldea Lunchtime too, now Lancer Alter is my 9th max bond servant!
For the gacha… Nope, i don’t get anything except Angry Mango… So… “confused happy noise”


1/10 because it ended. Could’ve gone for another 100 boxes or so. Didn’t have the apples, but we get 3 CApples a box so yeah. I got 3 MLB CFMs and and extra 4. Also got a Bryn and np2 OG Umu. Realistically, 10/10

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8/10 for me, the event was really good, sadly the CE drop rates were terrible, I think I spent 100k FP on the gacha only to get 2 event CE’s ( Had to get 2 more from the event banner) and this was for the 3 star CE.
The drop rate for the Petal CE in the event itself wasn’t that bad I almost got 2 LB of it, and i only farmed 30 boxes, sadly I wasted to much time clearing the shop and doing the CQ (should have just farmed the essentials from the shop, this was my mistake). I was able to clear all the CQ’s except Hassan, Da Vinci and the final one

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8/10 because I used Ishtar to continuously rob Goldie of his gems :fgo_umu:. Thanks to her, I have enough gold gems for the shirtless Goldie, for all three of his skills :fgo_umu:. Only 2 ce dropped for me, but it’s good enough because summer 2 didn’t even give me a copy to mlb dive to blue. Tossed a few tickets on nero banner to see if I even get event drops ce, but got Mapo Tofus instead :fgo_buster:.

Waver was overworked since Arash was able to rest during round 2 because of lancer node. I think the only time he was able to rest was when I did the Parade of Hassans :fgo_umu:.

9/10. Got my lotto box haul and fixed all my immediate material needs except for some proofs and possibly chains. But no longer in medal hell, god bless.

Wish I had more time to run the CQs with different team comps. It felt like taking breaks from farming to run a CQs just wasn’t a good use of my time, so I left like 3 of them unattempted (Stella, Indian brothers, Da Vinci) and one uncompleted (Gramps).

I wanted to try some Kiara runs for the prototype and Bloomer finales and didn’t get the chance. I also wanted to try Edison still for the Gramps CQ and ran out of time.

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8/10, great event, a little monotonous but the rewards were great. I got 3 petal CE drops, the 3rd drop on literally the last hour of Nero Fest. Got a few gacha CE but not enough honestly, medal farming was annoying. I got NP2 Umu and a 2nd copy of Casgil, only used about 10 tickets and about 30 quartz so decent drops overall.

Time to degen farm QP until I might reach a quarter million QP.

9/10 overall , got 12 event CE’s to drop by the end so farming was good, before the event I thought I’d be fine if I opened 50 boxes, ended up over 150 so my secret gem needs have been met, also max leveled a lot of neglected servants even that prick Gilgamesh, got Bride NP2 from the gatcha , maxed and grailed Musashi. I hate the Hassan CQ with all my heart and hope that whoever thought it up chokes on his food from time to time, I just gave up on it and moved on to the rest after ~12 tries.
Not sure if CFM is worth keeping around in more than one copy, does anyone know if I can just burn the rest to enhance other CE’s or will they have farming value in the future?
I laughed a bit when I saw that I pulled the bloomers from the box since it reminded me of the scene from Konosuba when Kazuma learns the steal spell.

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I got exactly 130 boxes, so that should cover my needs for quite a while. I also cleared out the shop on the side, so that’s a plus. Even more importantly, while I had to sacrifice my petal drop-bonus on the altar of convenience, since I automated my 3T setups, it meant that I didn’t burn out nearly as badly as I did during the last lottery event I played. Overall, I am really happy on the grind side of things.

Unfortunately, I am really, really not happy about the CQs. I did about half of them, but after a while I just couldn’t bother with them because the gimmicks felt incredibly unfair and pretty much required either very specific servants to counter them, or some form of cheesing, which I find to be incredibly bad game design. However, the last nail in the coffin was the fact that two precious Lores were gated behind them.

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Got Bryn and event CEs. The lotto boxes were like rain in a desert. I gave up grinding a few hours before the event ended because I wanted to do other things, but I don’t think I’ll ever run out of Hearts ever again.

The CQs were fun and interesting for the most part. Despite its mixed reviews, I think Da Vinci’s was the most fun. I liked the semi-puzzle element to it. The only CQ that really screwed up my overall positive impression was the Hassan one, which was total bs. Stopped trying after a while. I didn’t finish Prototype either because I didn’t want to waste hours on it when I could be getting Petals. Not getting those Tickets hurt a little but I don’t regret it if it meant keeping my sanity.


Agree with you my boy

Famous last words.


Echoing this because it’s worth repeating. You can never have enough hearts.

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I enjoyed it more this time than last year.
My team wasn’t exactly cohesive then and the farming involved a lot of facecarding.

It was pretty fun to test alternative methods for the CQs and soloing a couple was a pleasant diversion from the farming.

I got a bit more boxes than expected so I’m pleased and the bond points poured in… on one hand I’m happy that I didn’t have more apples but on the other I feel I should have saved some during CCC. Meh, they are gone and I’m not feeling that fatigued… though I’m probably only going to use mostly natural AP on JP when Gilfest arrives in a couple of days.

I didn’t get many CE drops. I have enough to MLB 2 so 6 in total and I ended up at 130 boxes.

Edit: Missed part of the questions. I guess I’d rate it 8/10.
I got some CE’s with the gacha. I think it was around 3 5*, 11 4* and 8ish 3* I also had some spooks and a Bride so I’m happy with the gacha.


First NeroFest and I got Umu NP2 as well as getting a majority of my servants to lvl 70. (I still have more exp to get 8 others to 90 atleast)

Glad its a yearly thing; never farmed so hard for anything in my entire life.

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But we have two and a half more lottery events right around the corner, a Jalter rerun (10 boxes only) in november, a full lottery event in December and another one ( Da Vinci ) in January :smiley:

My rainbow apple stash is ready :fgo_buster:


If only you could trade FP for SQ :fgo_buster:


We both know that number is a variable natural if the need (or want) is great :smiley:

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If only :sleepy:

If only you could burn lowstar servants from the FP gacha and then them into SQ.