Now that the update is around

I was planning to build Henry if I decide to pull for atk/res lull. But then I see the stats of the new units, and the tome unit’s stats are pretty much better than Henry’s in every way (except defence), so I’m not sure it’s worth building Henry anymore. Should I build him still.

  • Still build Henry (lull atk/res and all)
  • Forget Henry, get lull atk/res for Rein (even if you haven’t built him)
  • Get NY!Alfonse instead for Special Spiral
  • Just save orbs

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I’m also thinking about using Itsuki, due to his connection with Chrom. He looks above average in terms of quality, from his stats to his weapon. I do have plenty of grails to spare, but I do already have a +10 Chrom, so I’m not sure.

  • Build Itsuki, he’s likely worth it (plz send AR build ideas)
  • Don’t build him, Chrom is all you need

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I’ve also been tempted by the armoured unit, due to their titanic bulk. But I get it’s likely not worth it unless I can fully merge.

Thanks in advance!


Even if you can’t fully merge that tank, she’d be good in AA, SA, GC, etc

I’ve been at this point for awhile now,I only summon if it’s a unit whom I want to +10 or skills for fodder.

If you were contemplating building Henry before, then you must not have been worried about how powercrept he was.

Why exactly is this any different now that we have the new Mirage units?


I think it’s because that new tome unit’s weapon is very similar to Henry’s tome, only easier to activate minus the guard effect. Plus they can tank decently well, while also hitting like a truck.

Kiria has 38/41/20/29/34 for her stats.
Henry has 45/23/22/32/25 for his stats.

Kiria is pretty much just a better Henry if you exclude HP. She’s got more attack and better mixed bulk if you go for a defense boon. Not to mention she’s got a good attack stat, something Henry does not have.

If you are wanting to build Henry, but have the Orbs to try and merge Kiria, then go for it because, of course, she is better, but she is a 5* exclusive red unit, so… :man_shrugging:

Isn’t defence the main point of Henry?

If you merge Kiara obviously she has the edge overall
But as a defencive tome unit Henry does shine with merges.

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Depends on how you build him. Resistance is, in my opinion, his best boon for mixed bulk.

Very true, but building both def and res up is an option