Now this is a good support pull


Double Alexander ! gg

Nah seriously gz, LZO too.


Welcome to secret gem of caster hell :fgo_buster:
All jokes aside, congratulations.


And here I am crying with my absolute 0 supports (besides Hans and Gil)… :fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv:
All in good fun, that’s some EX rank luck right there. Congrats!!! That’s an amazing roll, indeed.

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Go explode!


…would have saved me some crystals had LMLOL’s NP2-card also come with foxy (was the 29th 10-roll or something thereabouts, somewhat hazy on the count thanks to hour having been late/early and a good deal of wine being involved)

Either way, congratulations! Now the fun of gathering all those bones to lift foxy up + upgrade her skills begins, as it did for me. :fgo_illya:

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I mean, you got Waver, Arts, and Quick support all in one :o

Waver’s skills aren’t hard to 8/8/8, btw. But you’d better stick up on hearts and feathers. (And dust).

Go explode !(2)




Congrats! You should have the ultimate Arts teams from now on :D

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Well, ok IMG_20190615_004113

Jk, congrats btw

But yeah, welcome to caster gems hell :fgo_umu:

Also bonus
Summon @Yunchii


nice shitpost

Congrats and welcome to bones hell.

and you should go and EXPLODE!!! :fgo_badciv:

Go explode !(3)

don’t explode, I got both these servants off of ticket rolls within less than a week of each other, without even trying (waver on story banner, tamamo halloween 1)

Right after I complain in the Salt Repository about my lame ticket pulls, I see this post about an amazing EX Rank pull that I can only dream of, with two amazing support servants and a Craft Essence I need to complete the Card Trinity of Effectiveness.

… Do I need to say it? :fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv::fgo_badciv:

Edit: Also, I kinda forgot to say. Nice pull, dude. Nice to see that at least ONE master is being watched by Lady Luck :fgo_naruhodo:

In same time, it’s mean that Lady Luck just watched him and ignored another master including you.

Blame him

According to the picture… NP2+ Tamamo? That’s a really nice summon.
btw I don’t want you to explode but… I hope B.B have something SPECIAL for you~

bb summons herself off a single ticket come summer 3?

Her Bond 10 CE (Summer Ver.) counts as a SPECIAL reward (read:damnation)? If so, yes.

I have 2 waver and one tamamo too xD but that’s not the point here.always jump in the revolution wagon