Now this may seem blasphemous as a Christian but

I’d really like to see Jesus as a servant, maybe either 4* or 5* healer. His damage wouldn’t be too high, but his skills would focus on group healing and possibly have a targetable guts, something along those lines. And as for his personality, it’d probably be very similar to how he was portrayed in that one anime where he and Buddha were roommates in Japan (I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me).

I dunno, what do you guys think?


The same reason you’ll never see a Moses or Muhammad.
Besides. Technically these people would have ascended to heaven. Therefore not be available to the throne.


We have seen Moses though.


Yeah, unfortunately I know all too well that won’t ever happen. Thing about Abrahamic religions is that we’re a little bit too defensive with our holy figures.

But on the heaven part, could you elaborate a bit? Don’t know it completely myself, so how is it that it can obtain gods (admittedly with said gods using avatars, like Parvati to Sakura) but it can’t summon holy figures who are in their final places?

Not really see, but mentioned (at least in FGO). Ozy makes mention of him, but not explicitly (or when he’s about to, he stops himself).

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We have though. the light novel series Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver mentions him and we even have art and a known skill.


Oh, well shut me up.

Gods aren’t human. Their souls and essence are different from ours. As I understand it. A soul chooses the throne as a final resting place. Solomon chose the throne. But I’d think canon figures like the 3 I mentioned would have ascended to heaven, not the throne.

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Wait, then how does Nursery Rhyme fit into that? As far as I know she’s a book.

Doesn’t the existence of summonable Divine Spirits contradict this?

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He’d have a passive guys but you have to wait 3 turns after he dies before it’ll prock

As if the Nasuverse has to fricken make sense!


I’d also like to note that we have the Gautama Buddha himself as a Servant, too. And he should’ve ascended to Nirvana.

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Actual gods cannot be summoned as Servants as far as I know. The ones we see (Parvati, Ishtar etc.) are Divine Spirits.
They are - if I recall correctly - gods who have faded away after people stopped worshipping them and were recorded in the Throne of Heroes; because of this they become eligible for summoning.

Someone like Jesus is still worshipped nowadays therefore he is not a Divine Spirit, but an actual god.
As such he probably cannot be summoned.

EDIT: Actually, I can come up with a couple of ways for that to happen if I think about it.
My argument is invalid, I guess.


To be had, Fatuverse did go there and implement Buddha in Fate/Extra - albeit “only”

open spoiler

as the Servant of the final boss

/end spoiler

So, the taboo has been breached once already when it comes to definite, faith-founding prophets being present. More than once if you count other biblical figures, of course, some of which have already been mentioned, which may already cross a line for some. As such, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d see someone like Moses or Job implemented as Servants first rather than Christ.

If they did go ahead with releasing the Lord, I wouldn’t mind at all if they chose to base him off Isa, Islam’s take on him - who emphatically renounces his divinity.

Now as for “concepts” like Alice and Jack! I’d be all for a Buddy Christ.
The American embodiment of Christ.


Now Job would be interesting, if he’s the same figure I remember. Probably would be forlorn given what had happened to his first family and home.

As far as I am aware, in the Nasuverse, “god” and “divine spirit” are synonymous.

Divine spirits can’t usually be summoned, because they don’t exist in the Throne of Heroes (where the summoned servants come from). However, it is possible for a divine spirit to make themselves summonable, should they wish to, though that requires them to sacrifice a great deal of their power, since the servant containers can’t handle their full divine Authority. This is essentially what Tamamo did, for example.

In the case of Saver in Fate Extra, that was a special case, in that it was the nature of the summoner’s desires and struggle that motivated him to answer the summons. In short, Saver was interested in seeing how this situation would play out, and decided to come, himself.

It should be noted, however, that the normal HGW summoning ritual (from F/SN), the Mooncell (from Fate/Extra), and the Fate system (from FGO) all function differently, and don’t necessarily share the same limitations.


I guaran-double-dog-tee you Parvati is still widely worshipped.


Definitely. Hinduism is the oldest still active religion in the world, is it not?