NP quotes bug


I recently noticed that my servants were only saying 1/2 of their NP quotes, am I the only one ? This bug happened with Raikou, Scathach, Okita, Musashi, Cleopatra, Mash and I didn’t pay attention for others servants…

I’d like to know if i’m the only one experiencing this issue, if so I will reinstall the game otherwise i’ll wait for the next patch



If your animations are on high speed, they won’t say the full NP.

Did you check that?


I’ve been having this periodically, and it’s gotten somewhat worse since the NP subtitles were added.

Yeah, that’s true, but I think the OP is referring to the bug where they just randomly cut out, which is certainly not intended.

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I’ve always played with high speed NP ,for example when I use the NP of Cleo she only says " Uraeus Astrape " and then it cuts usually she says " this is not my fault " during the explosion… so the NP speed is not the problem here :(

Yeah, I can recall at least from memory that:

  • Mash will often actually fail to say Lord Camelot.
  • Raikou’s “incinerate to ashes” variation cuts off randomly in the middle.
  • Caster Gilgamesh sometimes doesn’t say “Melammu Dingir”.
  • The middle of Okita’s NP is often cut out.

Among others. I think I might have had the same issue for Cleopatra, too.

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Oh. Are you on an Android?

I’m on iOS and haven’t noticed this bug at all.

I’m actually farming fangs with Cleo all day and there have been no bugs.

Yes, i’m using Bluestacks

The end of Okita’s NP cut out for me, the best part :^)
Scathach always fail to say Gae Bolg Alternative
You said it for Raikou
Cleopatra will only say " Uraeus Astrape "
The end of Musashi’s NP cut out like Okita

@jakeyb Well I do the same exact same with YOUR Cleopatra and I have this bug 100% of the time :sob:


Well, I do have and use Bluestacks as well, so this might be an issue on behalf of the emulator. Curious to see if any native Android users have the issue.

Yeah i’ve had this bug for a while now and i’m surprised nobody is talking about it, I think it’s on emulators only

Native Android here! I borrowed Cleopatra multiple times and dialogue didn’t cut, neither Mash


If you do try to uninstall/reinstall, definitely bind your account.

(Btw, how’s the CE on Cleo? Would MLB Demonic Bodhisattva be better?)

Emulator players are truly the most oppressed members of society.

Ah well, at least I know it’s me and not something the devs have just been neglecting.

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I think the CE is perfectly fine, I don’t have any problems to get her NP to 100% for the last wave :ok_hand: And it feels really good to have the juicy +2000ATK bonus from Aerial Drive level 100 :eyes:

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Oh yeah. It’s a huge QoL improvement.

Gotta bomb Scope (currently Lv 76), then BG (Lv 72), then…save bombs for Painting Summer, At Trifas, or something else? I rarely use Sumo tbh.

Mona Lisa and Lunchtime mhuwahahahahaha

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Android here, noticed it for Mash. Didn’t pay attention to ther servants.

It can be just Bluestack. I have event shopkeepers saying only half or even just the first word of their entire dialogue using Bluestack.

I think it’s fixed

Yeah I have Android and it happen to me to on various servant, like nitocris, ishtar rider ecc ecc.
I think is a metter of bad memory of my phone. So is laggy all the time.
I suppose it happens when you lag at the end of the np

I don’t think it’s the case since PC users should not have any lag problems with a game like FGO

I did not encounter this lag since yesterday tho