NP1 Dante for double skadi loop setup

Hi, after the recent skadi purge, i still have about 500 sq and aiming for dante for the loop setup. But with that amount, i think the best i can hope for is np1. So how viable he is in skadi loop team with only np1? I have 3 non mlb kaleidoscope, waver and bride for extra battery and np gain. And how good is np1 dante compare to np2 lancelot? If lancelot performance is the same or better i want to skip him and try to roll for the best sadistic kouhai.

Assuming we’re talking about double-Skadi teams…

Because of his 3-turn NP Gain buff and a passive 3% NP Charge per turn, Dantes is much more stable when it comes to looping. He only loses to Lancelot in terms of damage IF Dantes is dealing neutral damage. But then, if the enemies in a wave don’t have too high HPs, even neutral damage Dantes is good enough to take them down even at NP1.

Lancelot, however, only has a 1-turn NP Gain buff, so on the turn it isn’t used his NP Gain might fall short of 50%. There are ways around this, however, by using the right CEs (50% Starting NP + NP Gain buff), Servants (Waver or Paracelsus) and/or Mystic Code (Plugsuit or Mage Association).

I recommend reading up here…

To see how the two can loop and see which ones can work for you.

There are also these looping charts found online.


If you have Waver then any of the 2 can be stable as long as you’re willing to use plugsuit. Dantes is more stable than Zerkerlot due to his Golden Rule over 3 turns. Damage wise it’s about par even with Zerkerlot’s weak damage bonus since Dantes is a 5* Avenger with huge attack stat. If I were you I’d roll with my dick, though Dantes’new costume isn’t too shabby either…

Looking to Damage Distribution NP on GG, even if NP dmg out put are the same because Dante has NP rank up. Zerkerlot have more chance to get over kill(78 % dmg before last hit vs 71% dmg before last hit). Lv10 NP up in 1 turn provide 60%+ NP refine, use it on low HP stage (1st stage), get many overkill and that can match 30% waver charge. Non NP up provide 30%+ NP refine that match waver 20% + skadi.
Oww, it’s require too much overkill, not only 1 overkill!!!

I use NP1 Dantes and he usually doesn’t have much trouble to get his NP charge back up to 50% (assuming 3 enemies). Simple setup with double Skadi, non-MLB KScope and Mages Association Mystic Code. My own Skadi is not even fully leveled yet (7/7/7).

Pre-Rankup his damage is on the lower side though, which means he often falls short of finishing the third wave with a high HP enemy.

I’m hoping the rankup quest tomorrow will remedy this somewhat. Either way I’ll also be going for NP2 during his summer rate up to make him more reliable since he is also my only looper at the moment.

In my experience, NP1 Dantes is currently very stable when it comes to wiping thrash waves. He can even reliably loop on Zerker waves. The problems start when you reach the boss wave, as even with full buffs, I couldn’t cajole more than 70k/enemy neutral damage out of him, which means you will need crits to finish off a big boss (say, the 180k valkyries when you are grinding Skadi mats), which is exceedingly RNG heavy. As far as I know, people recommend NP4(!) for stable boss-killing, which is kind of a tall order. There is a reason why he is called the ultimate whale setup.

So, to sum up my experience:
-Dantes: Very stable looper, okay neutral damage.
-Zerkerlot: Unstable looper, good damage.
-Parvati: Very stable looper, lousy neutral damage, very good class advantage damage.
-Atalante: Stable looper, okay neutral damage, very good class advantage damage.

That’s disappointing. NP1 Dantes isn’t sounding like an upgrade from NP2 Atalante.

In terms of looping stability, he is still the best, because of his massive 50% Golden Rule and the fact he only needs 46% refund to loop, but for damage, he really, really needs the extra NP levels. Hopefully his NP upgrade is going to make the gap smaller, but he is still not going to NP wipe enemies over 150k health, which is incidentally where a lot of the bosses are in farming quests.

Well, he will be in a Saber-Lancer mixed wave. On the contrary, when was the last time you had to farm a node of Moon Cancers?


Oh god, don’t give her ideas. :fgo_bbgrin:

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Atalante’s 3rd skill also gives her a 3-turn 50% NP Gain buff though.

But yes, his 3% passive NP Charge does help his stability a bit. Plus, despite lack of class advantage for the most part, he also DOESN’T have class disadvantage for the most part. Making him, and Zerkerlot, ideal for mixed class waves.


True, I didn’t take that into account. I also checked, and Atalante also has less NP gain but more NP hits, so I suppose it balances out.


Oh. Well, at least Berserker can stil run through a Moon Cancer node. It’d take a Moon Cancer-Foreigner-Saber-Lancer mixed node to totally shut down DSS.

Edit: slaps mouth shut
Oh well I guess DW already did shut down 3T farms with one big mob on wave 2.

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It’s also important to remember the sheer quantity of damage-increasing effects we’re going to want to pop on a third wave that includes high-HP enemies.

Even before his Interlude, Dantes can reasonably hit around 100k neutral at NP1 assuming partially leveled Arctic Mystic Code, fully raised Skadi, fully leveled CE. Still depends on a Quick crit to follow, but not shabby for NP1.


Is that after his NP upgrade? Because, as I said, even with full buffs, I couldn’t get him to do more than 70k-ish damage per enemy on his NP.

That’s before. Are you accounting for max level skills on both Skadis, max level ATK buff on Dantes, lvl 100 CE, and Mystic Code effects? 70k sounds a little low (though it’s only about 20k off of the projected lowest result). Otherwise it could be hidden attribute disadvantage.

Give me a minute. I knock on some doors, and be right back with you with the results.


Ooookay, so now I have to eat my words. My Dantes is only 3/10/3 (ran out of fangs), and my Skadi is 10/8/10. With a 10/10/10 support Skadi, and a maxed out 2004 MC, fully buffed Dantes did 340k total NP damage on the final wave of doors. That means that, after the NP upgrade and getting the remaining skill levels up to par, while he would still not instagib a 200k boss, he would most likely leave them in a range where a single crit could wipe them.

In other words, I stand corrected. So long as the prior waves do not require “wasting” any of the buffs, Dantes can do some really hefty final wave damage.


That makes sense - he also has hidden attribute advantage of 10% against doors since they are Heaven/Sky if I recall, so that puts it in the ballpark (94k at the lowest on true neutral assuming the above criteria). Raising Arctic more also notably increases the damage.

After his NP Upgrade, NP1 Dantes is almost exactly equivalent to NP5 Parvati in that situation, which is pretty respectable.


Is it easier to get np2 dantes or 1 superscope though :fgo_bbgrin: