NP1 Gil vs NP3 Emiya vs NP5 Nobunaga

I was wondering who had the stronger NP at these NP levels if they were at their non grailed max level, fou’ed up and attack boosting skills level 10 without additional buffs.
I’m assuming general farm, non servant, non divine- Emiya wins as his 3rd skill isn’t conditional.
I think divine servants, with or without riding would be a win for Nobunaga and all other servants that are affected by 'weak to Enuma Elish ’ probably go to Gil with very little difference in damage compared to Emiya.
Anyone with more experience with Gil and Nobunaga than I able to share their thoughts on this (or done the math lol)?

Ok. So I went and used the damage calculator over on reddit. Unless I’m missing something (only buffs are EMIYA’s 40% Buster buff and Gil’s 21% ATK buff) then EMIYA’s NP3 would win out with Gil coming second.

Huh, interesting. Thanks for looking this up. I suppose FSN UBW has already proven fake copies are better than the originals . Was there much in it?
I’ve tried using a reddit calculator before but its a nuisance on phone and i havent turned my computer on in months lol

I’m actually on my phone. :sweat_smile:

It’s not all that bad but navigating and selecting from drop down boxes are a hassle.

The calculator has input values for all the possible damage bonuses so it takes quite a while to look up and input some stuff. Though it does come with a skill database to look up Servant skill values and even CE and their effects.

It also shows estimated number of stars generated as well as NP gained, which can be pretty handy at times if you wanna test the numbers without having to actually do the test yourself and use up AP. Though I do recall there being a table showing a complete list of Servants alongside their best NP gain combo as well as the best possible combo for NP gain when using an NP that turn.

Ahaha well you’re a better person than I am then lol
Perhaps I should try playing with the calculator again, it’s all useful and interesting information

Found the NP Gain list I was talking about.

So I ran the numbers. If you give everyone sub-optimal conditions, like they are all farming Saber hands, then it goes NP1 Gil > NP3 Emiya >> NP5 Nobu. The spead looks like 49,500 > 47,200 >>30,900 respectively. I think the other guy forgot that after his interlude Gil’s NP gives a flat 30% NP Damage up buff separate from the Enuma Elish buff against servants.

If everyone is attacking their optimal target, Gil is attacking a servant so he gets the Enuma Elish bonus, Nobu’s enemy has BOTH Divine and Riding traits, Emiya is just being himself, then it goes NP5 Nobu > NP1 Gil > NP3 Emiya. The damage spread here is wider, with 94000 > 74000 >>47000 respectively. However there are only 5 enemies that are Sabers, Divine, and Riding: Caesar, Atilla, Sigurd (not Siegfried though), Rama, and Suzuka.

So in most cases, NP1 Gil is going to have the most damage, ever so slightly beating Emiya. Against most servants, Gil is going to have the most damage by quite a bit. And against a few specific enemies, NP5 Nobu will take top spot.


Ah, right, I forgot about that. Good catch. I don’t have Gil myself and I don’t often use him so it slipped my mind.

Targon’s response is detailed and correct, I’d just like to add one thing: Raikou is a Berserker with both Riding and Divine as well, so she gets annihilated by Nobu too. This is especially useful for the upcoming Onigashima rerun (likely in June) which features a raid against Raikou.

Nobu also already beats NP3 Emiya if the enemy has just Divine (and her second skill is at least level 4), and there are a bunch of Divine Berserkers (although Raikou is the only one with Riding as well).

Overall Emiya is more consistent than Nobu (and his facecard damage is much higher) but she has the higher damage ceiling in ideal situations.

Gil is simply a swiss army knife though. With his bonus applying against almost all servants he will outperform both NP3 Emiya and Nobu 9/10 times.

Raikou is pure Nobu Nobu fodder! We can have a lot of fun trying to one-shot her in Onigashima in 2 months from now.


That was fun last year :fgo_rinlaugh:

I remembered forcefully level her 2nd skill to 10 during the event just for bullying Mama Raikou :fgo_buster:

Definitely. I already had a lot of fun oneshotting the 500k HP one in the Meiji Isshin final farming node on the Shinsengumi side.

This is vs Saber, halve the values against generic classes:

  • NP1 Gilgamesh: 54910 (82,276 vs most Servants at 100% OC)
  • NP3 EMIYA: 52,432
  • NP5 Oda: 34,361 (51542 vs Riding at 100% OC, 68722 vs Divine, or 103,084 vs Divine & Riding at 100% OC)

I just used the NP Damage Charts and scaled up Emiya’s NP (multiply it by 550%/400%).


Damn Targon, this was a wondrously explained answer. Thank you for answering