Np1 Hokusai sufficed?

Hello there, I just try rolling with my free ticket on new year banner fgo na… Luckily i got hokusai on my fourth ticket then i read somewhere that tell her np is pretty weak at np1… Haha i jusk want to know coz im not gonna roll for her for a second time, just get a single copy of is enough i think! Does she at np1 still capable of clearing hard cq in d future at np1… Thanks!

Congratulations on getting Hokusai :fgo_alterasanta:

Her NP damage is kinda sad against non-berserker enemies without the human attribute. Which is why most people recommend that if you have the available SQ, go for NP2+.

But this problem can more or less be solved with supports, like Tamamo or Caster Gil. So I wouldn’t worry too much about getting more NP levels.


If you love her and want to use her a lot in a variety of situations, NP2+ is a big QoL improvement.

Absolutely necessary? Not for most purposes, no.

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Thanks… Lucky me i got casgil and i can use my friend tamamo

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Thanks… I ll think i ll let her at np1 haha… She pretty good and can np loop pretty easily!

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