NP1 Tamamo vs NP5 Kiyohime (Lancers)

In this most recent banner I was rolling pretty hard for Tamamo as I had no quality ST SR or above Lancers. In the process of eventually getting Tamamo, I got NP5 of each other swimsuit servant. I’m not particularly interested in keeping Anne, but I’m waffling on burning Kiyohime. Obviously her skill set is a bit different on play style, but her NP5 hits for 1000% damage, vs 600% on Tamamo at NP1. Is there good cause to keep her around as ST boss attacker? I’ve already got Medusa lancer (lower tier but a fav. servant) and Parvati for AOE. Or, is Tamamo just so much better than Kiyohime, that there isn’t much point in keeping her around if I could use the rare prisms for mats and fous?

Don’t burn a limited servant!! :fgo_badciv:, kiyo can be useful and even more alt NP 5, a dum rare prisem isn’t worth burn a servant!! And this year we begin to get free rare prisms so why would you burn servants for those rare prisms!! More servants mean that you have more options!!! Burn a servant for a ce or a mistic code isn’t worth!!


Burning a SR is never a wise choice. And burning a NP5 SR is even less a wise choice.
But of curse if that’s what you want to do no one can stop you.


What’s the problem with owning 2 ST Lancers?


Thanks for the response! I’ve only been playing since early January and wasn’t aware we were starting to get rare prisms this year. I appreciate the advice!

Thanks for the feedback!

Sounds like it isn’t anything I should sweat! I was just gathering some feedback. Appreciate you!

I’m a fan of the anyone who has the low hp more damage gimmick. Especially if you have Black Grail.

Also wait until the end of the year - Nov onwards every rerun welfare servant you will be recieving RP’s

Tamamo has superior skills and an easily exploitable niche. Meteor Fous are probably the worst use of RP’s BTW

Thanks for the feedback. It just seems so slow to get those 1k+ advancement Fous!

Yes, but in terms of NP, Kiyo lancer hits really hard because she has a very offensive buster kit.

Her NP5 will hit harder than Tama lancer NP1, especially because Tama lancer’s NP is not exactly the strongest around.

I know it, i’ve had for 1 whole year Tama lancer NP1 and Kiyo lancer NP2. Outside of male niche, Kiyo lancer’s NP hit harder.

On the bright side, Tama lancer has strong base cards and quick cards that generate lots of stars.

Her 3rd skill scares the bejeesus out of me. especially when it’s a close. Especially when I’ve had it the defense down fail on one the very 1st times I used her

While tamamo has a pretty nasty demerit on her 2nd skill I run her wth Merlin so it’s basically negligible

Sounds like there is a lot of reason to keep her around then. In the words of the girl from the taco shell commercial: “Why not both!”

Indeed. I’ve always used togheter in the field.
They help each other. One has strong NP, weaker cards. The other has Weacker cards, stronger NP.

Both have weird but useful skills.

Give them a friend Merlin and clear easily and archer Node

Don’t worry so much about the slow progress of getting the gold Fous. Even the people who have gathered every gold Fou from events to date have at most one servant with a full 2000/2000. Just wait for events to get them; usually every event hands out 3 of each HP and attack gold Fou.

I agree with the others, don’t burn Kiyohime. She’s limited and AFAIK, she’s not coming back in 2+ years.
Kiyohime will beat Tamamo by a bit in terms of NP damage by virtue of being NP5, even against males, and Tamamo will offer a little more support and facecard damage. It doesn’t hurt to have options.


Thanks for the input! I’ve got to work on adjusting. I’m wanting to max out my LVL100 Nyalter. I’m still getting used to these Gacha games. I grew up on simply being able to max out my party in FF 1 through time and grinding!

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Everyone’s already chiming in so not much to say.

Keep both. Asides from it being a waste to burn an SR, especially a limited one that you may never get again, the two have slightly different kits so one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

NP5 Kiyo will hit harder, but NP1 Tama will deal more damage against Male opponents, especially with overcharge through either specific skills, Devilish Bodhisattva CE, or NP chains.

Also, I just wanna correct one thing here to prevent any misunderstandings.

This only applies to a welfare you already own. If you don’t have Santa Altera yet, you won’t be getting any rare prisms from getting her this year.


yup that’s true thank you for adding that

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Also, having more Servants of a class never hurts.

In the beginning i brute-forced many Story mission simply filling all the slots with Servant with advantage against enemys.

I’ve got a selection of st lancers and am glad to have them all. Enkidu as my main cannon, vlad for anti evil, Medusa for charmlock and just for looking cute, li Shuwen for arts teams and frequent event bonus servant, grailed cu for ultimate survival. Except for vlad’s tatics, all skills are level 9-10 too.

If I got more I’d definitely level them too. Big rosters just give you so much more flexibility.

Most event now has an annoying mid boss in wave 2.
You can use tamamo for w2 mid boss or np chain both on wave 3 boss.