NP1 Umucaster vs welfare Casteli

Pretty much what the title implies. I do like Nero and want her summer self, as my farming Casters are pretty much limited to Elly, and Nitocris if the targets are weak enough/are bronze mobs.

However, I’ve already put in 630 Quartz into the banner when getting NP5 for waifu Saber Fran (free quartz, I might add. I’m proud of saving up that much and controlling myself), and Umu didn’t even show up once. It’s still possible for me to put in a little bit more (about the 5 rolls of an $80 bundle), but after not getting her in 630, I’m not sure an extra 150 is gonna do anything. And even if she does show up at the very last minute, I’m not really sure if it’d be worth the price to only get her at NP1.

I know her skills blow Elly out of the water in terms of utility and damage buffing, making her a better farmer overall. But in terms of sheer NP damage, and at only NP1 (and assuming no overcharge because of that), are her three damage buffs enough to overcome the gap of Elly having NP5 and a Buster buff of her own?

Np1 umu outdamages caster Eli at np5

iirc isn’t caster eli one of the worse welfares in the game?

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NP damage aside, the battery alone makes her stronger. Golden Sumo or HNS are all you need at max level to pop off nice NPs.

Idk if you will roll or not but I hope she blesses you, should you choose to try some more!

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I mean, she still has the same NP damage multiplier as any other AoE Buster NP that isn’t named Excalibur Morgan/doesn’t have an Interlude. Her kit sucks, sure. Triple Arts deck with Buster NP and only one steroid, but to be fair it is a proper Mana Burst.

Granted, she’s not quite as good as some of the other welfares, but she is by no means a bad Servant/Caster, at least by my experience. She and Medea carried my Caster slot for the first year of me playing.

She’s not Lily, at least…

Sadly, Babbage upgrades powercreeped her as the to go Buster AOE Caster F2P option. What remains? 12 star for 3-turns is nice, but Hans is going to generate 15 in 2 years…alongside other stuff.

@Emerald_Acid @kewebbjr fwiw, I’m simply saying worse compared to a bunch of other welfares. not necessarily outright bad

as a 10/10/10 lily owner, I want to object to this statement, but I know I really have no means to

at least until her saber wars rerun np strengthening comes

Powercreeping a unit that’s no longer available…isn’t powercreep in the strictest sense?

Basically, Babbage became the (improved) f2p version of CasLiz for players who can no longer obtain her.

But Umu is better by virtue of 50% battery + targetable steroid.

maybe if we’re lucky they’ll have a fgo arcade halloween event this year and give the halloween liz trilogy servants some strengthenings in the main game as a tie-in thing. like what they did for the shikis when arcade got the kara no kyoukai event

brave liz especially could use a strengthening for that mess of a third skill of hers. at least make it like moriarty’s strengthened second skill, so that she only needs to have at least 100% filled np gauge to activate, but it doesn’t consume said np gauge


While that would be fun, I’d rather them actually give us Oni Elly as a servant proper.

I need my dream of a support list full of nothing but an entire RPGs worth of Elly classes (and Carmilla doesn’t count for Assassin/Rider)

why not both?

though we need elisabeth bathory (eggplant) first

Clearly, that would be Foreigner Elly.

What we really need is a Ruler Eli, an Avenger Eli, and a Moon Cancer Eli because why the hell not.

That’s actually a very interesting idea. It would still limit the skill’s usage, but it would certainly be much more viable.

Well, unfortunately the end point is moot. I was almost certainly going to try for Umucaster again… but then I log in to do it and I see a return of an Illya banner.

Which means now there is something I must try for again.

I mean, If Hero Eli’s third skill gave 3 effects rather than 1, it would be far better for the cost.