NP1 Zerkerlot or NP1 parvati for 3T farming?

Gonna grab my own Skadi so who should i pick ?

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Parvati can loop with a single Skadi under the right circumstances, but Zerklot is generally better.

Also, you can roll for a second Zerklot pretty soon after Skadi drops.


Parvati can only do archers and maybe berserkers, Lancelot can do… none at NP1 without Skadi. Jk, Lancelot is more general purpose but really falls flat without Skadi.


Zerkerlot is a better farmer but his requirements are more demanding. Parvati is the best Quick looper out there but her damage is a bit lacking for 3T rng-less farming on the toughest nodes (excluding archers and zerkers).
Pick the one you see fit.

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The AoE double Skadi Loop Farming Chart:

Note that Parvati, Dante, Atalante, and Parvati version 2 Valkyrie have the easiest requirements.


Does pink “X” means “don’t use this”?

I believe that it means you can’t double Skadi loop with that setup.

Astolfo, for instance, requires mlb Kscope AND plugsuiting a Waver in to top him off in order to loop. No other setup with him will work.

While, with Paru, she works in all setups and if you got a mlb Kscope you are golden.


Zerkerlot is a zerker, you can farm anything with him. It’s not the case with Parvati. Therefore : Zerkerlot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Parvati

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What I never understood about this chart is how it’s impacted by higher NP levels.

Lurking here since I have an 80 10/10/10 NP1 Parvati and a shiny new NP1 Zerkerlot just spooked me


While I’m not a fan of Sakura, I will admit, this image is pretty badass.


That is about overkill’s mainly.

Higher np level gives higher damage which is more likely to cause you to get an overkill which gives you bonus NP gage.

Paru at np1 is kinda low damage. She is less likely to get an overkill and might not get 100% np gage because of it. At NP2 her damage is higher.

They often talk about damage benchmarks when discussing NP2 quick looping.


So should I prioritize an NP2 for Parvati or Zerkerlot?

Or is NP1 sufficient and I shouldn’t really sink the cost that way?

Obviously more overkill will always be more charge. But does one of them benefit more? Seems sort of like Parvati might. But if it’s not that much more overkill, maybe I’ll just be content with what I have


I don’t play JP myself but it is my understanding that Parvati is the MOST Skadi compatible 4 star servant in the game. She can supposedly NP loop at np 1 with just a single Skadi. The only Caveat being her damage will be low.

Supposedly Beserkelot requires NP2 to loop consistently. My opinion on the matter is that you would probably get more from NP2 Beserkerlot.

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Her 1st skill is a quick up + NP gain up so yeah, she’s more than qualify for Skadi memes

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While Lancelot would be better for farming, he needs waver in order to loop well. Parvati does fine with just a kscope and skadi. I feel like getting Parvati would be helpful in case you are unsure if you are getting waver any time soon.

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Question: can Waver be substituted in the non-MLB Scope brackets by other battery supports, or is his full 50% charge needed? Because if he is mandatory for Zerkerlot, then I might have to rethink my choice for this SR ticket…

Again I don’t play JP so I can only answer based on what I have read. So take what I say with a MASSIVE grain of salt:

I think the full 50% charge is needed or they would have the mage association’s mystic code listed as well.

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Do not have a Waver. Just Parvati and Zerkerlot chilling NP1. Not even a kscope after more than a year of playing.

Sounds sort of like Parvati should be my focus, but I’ll give it some thought


Without Waver or a single Kscope or mlb Imaginary Element you won’t make Parvati 3T loop. If you have at least 2 50% start NP CE you can still aim for a 3T clear with Arash suicide on turn 1. In that case Lancelot is a better pick. Lancelot + 50% CE + SkaSka give you a 2T loop that is as consistent as Parvati’s